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Seahawks sign longsnapper Jorgen Hus

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Seahawks have signed longsnapper Jorgen Hus. Hus was with the Rams in camp last year and the former 6'1, 232 pound University of Regina linebacker and special teams standout was invited to a free agent camp for the Cardinals earlier this spring. Hus credits his college coach for getting him into longsnapping, which has become his primary focus.

"He talked about it being a specialized skill and how the guys who can master it can really have a long and successful career,'' Hus said. "I gave it a try, had a little bit of success and then really started taking it more and more seriously. It's become my passion.''

Being from Regina and friends with Seahawks' punter Jon Ryan likely helped him land on the Seahawks' radar.

As the Regina Leader-Post reports,

Hus attended a free agent camp in Arizona last month and then started sending out additional film to NFL teams. He believes that enticed some teams to express their interest. But the tipping point for the Seahawks may have been their punter, Regina's Jon Ryan.

The two have been friends since Hus volunteered at one of Ryan's snapping and punting camps a few years ago. They train together each summer at Sheldon-Williams Collegiate in Regina.

"Jon is one of those rare people you can't say enough good things about," Hus told the RLP. "He's always been rooting for me, always saying good things to the right people for me."

Hus has signed a three year deal but it's likely that none of it is guaranteed. He'll come into camp to compete with incumbent longsnapper Clint Gresham, who is due $750k in salary in 2014.