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Seahawks Preseason Schedule: Seattle draws Broncos, Chargers, Bears, & Raiders

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Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Seahawks will face off against familiar preseason opponents in 2014 as they once again draw their former-AFC West rival Broncos, Chargers, and Raiders. Throw the Bears in there and you got yourself a stew goin'.

Week 1: at Denver Broncos
Week 2: San Diego Chargers
Week 3: Chicago Bears
Aug. 28: at Oakland Raiders

This preseason slate is rife with storylines, all of which I'll ignore here.

Seattle went 4-0 in last year's preseason, 4-0 in the 2012 preseason, and haven't lost a preseason game since August 27th, 2011. Which doesn't matter much, but can point to Seattle's excellent depth among their 2nd and 3rd teams. It also might say something about the competitive nature Pete Carroll has cultivated throughout the roster (or it might say nothing at all).

Nonetheless, I honestly cannot wait for the preseason. I actually enjoy those games quite a lot because it gives us a great opportunity to scout end of roster and practice squad types in full-pad situations, and there have been a few sleepers that have emerged to challenge for rosters spots. Christine Michael, Benson Mayowa and Alvin Bailey were a few standouts last year, and Stephen Williams impressed enough to land himself a roster spot for a couple of weeks.