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Doug Baldwin confirms contract negotiations with Seahawks are ongoing

Doug Baldwin was on the Mitch in the Morning show on Sports Radio KJR this morning and confirmed what many had speculated, that he's in contract negotiations with the Seahawks for a long-term deal.

Jeff Gross

Baldwin is currently a restricted free agent and has not yet signed his tender, though he noted that he will not hold out, and will either sign his tender before the offseason is over or come to terms for a contract extension with the team.

Over the past few months, the Seahawks have locked up some of their key, core players, including Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman. Thomas alluded to Sherman's impending contract extension in his press conference announcing a multi-year deal, and several weeks later, when that was official and the team held another presser, Sherman dropped several hints about Doug Baldwin's upcoming negotiations. So, it would appear these talks have been in the works for some time, but Baldwin and his people aren't at the place they need to be quite yet to sign an extension.

Baldwin confirmed that the Seahawks made him an offer, and he made a counter offer. That's about all the detail he could provide, but it's obviously an interesting and exciting bit of news for fans.