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Richard Sherman signs 4-year extension with Seahawks, becomes top-paid CB

The Seahawks have now locked up the three biggest names on their defense long-term.

Jonathan Ferrey

The Seattle Seahawks have signed cornerback Richard Sherman to a 4-year contract extension, Jay Glazer first reported. Sherman's extension, which is technically tacked onto his current deal, is worth $57.7M over four years and guarantees $40M (!!). With his salary for 2013 factored in, Sherman's de facto contract is now for 5-years, $58.8M, or $11.8M APY. The Seahawks have scheduled a press conference for 11 AM PST.

In three seasons, Sherman has been named as a First-Team All-Pro twice. He made the list in 2012 despite not making the Pro Bowl team, with many insinuating that this was due to the fact that he was nearly suspended for testing positive for Adderall. Sherman appealed his suspension and shocked everyone by winning, but in the court of public opinion he will always be someone who "gamed the system on a technicality."

Even if that's not the truth, it's the easiest backdoor escape for someone that simply hates the Seahawks and every one of their players. If the NFL loses any appeals ever, you better be sure that it's for a really damn good reason. Sherman has undoubtedly been tested many times since, and so far we haven't heard another peep about it.

In just three seasons, he has 20 career interceptions. While most experts typically agree that interceptions are not as important for grading cornerbacks as other stats, Sherman has purposefully worked his game around the idea of forcing turnovers while not hurting himself too much by gambling. With the help that safeties Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor bring in coverage, Sherman led the NFL with eight picks in 2013.

He also has 59 career pass deflections, and per ProFootballFocus, opposing QBs had a passer rating of 47.3 when they passed to Sherman's side. That was the lowest in the NFL by far, with only teammate Byron Maxwell (47.8) nearly matching him stride-for-stride in a limited sample size.

And while Sherman has a loud mouth and is never afraid to speak his mind, his "rivalry" with Darrelle Revis has really turned into a one-sided thing where Sherm is both Tupac and Biggie. Nevertheless, if he has a "persona strategy" it's paying off, with Sherman just biding time before he's a regular co-host on a nationally-syndicated NFL show from the moment he retires.

That's probably a ways away. Sherman only turned 26 in March, and corners have typically lasted longer in the NFL than most positions. At least with this new deal we can assume that however long he lasts in the league, most of it will be spent with Seattle.

I could get used to this.