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Kevin Williams, new Seahawks' DT, reportedly took less to come to Seattle

Seattle had "a few more pieces in place" for Williams, he said.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The Seahawks signed veteran defensive tackle Kevin Williams last week (well, technically, he hasn't yet officially signed -- that should come today), and it's now being reported he took less money to come to Seattle over New England and Minnesota. The Vikings made a late push to retain the member of the NFL All-Decade Team for the 2000's and five time All Pro, but he ultimately decided to go to a team he considers more of a contender.

"I just think there were better pieces in place in Seattle. The familiarity with being in Minnesota was there, but a chance to (not) know if they're going to win 10 games or three games (played into it). I wish them luck, but there's no certainty there, and you have a proven quarterback in those two teams (Seattle and New England)."

Per ESPN's Ben Goessling,

Williams... said [that Antoine] Winfield -- who was cut by Seattle at the end of training camp last August -- was "very complimentary" of the organization. Williams will head to Seattle to sign his contract next week and participate in the team's minicamp, in hopes of a longer stay in the Pacific Northwest than Winfield had.

"All I can do is do the best I can," Williams said. "Hopefully that's enough [to secure a roster spot]."

The fact that he wanted to play for a contender is hardly shocking -- the soon-to-be 34 year old has yet to win a Championship so the Patriots and Seahawks give him better odds of that, but I did find it interesting that he's going in with honest expectations that he'll need to compete hard to make the Seahawks' deep roster. Right now, I'd say he's a pretty solid lock for the line (I really, really like the signing), but knowing how Seattle manages their personnel, it wouldn't be overly crazy to imagine them go with the young bucks they have competing on the line over the vet.