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Who are the top-10 quarterbacks in the NFL?

Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

This post is kind of just a plug for my soon-to-be new website, The Ringer, which launched officially today (check it out!). Just going to admit that.

But, this article is also a good conversation starter for the period of time we find ourselves currently in, i.e., the most incredibly boring stretch of the offseason. Ringer staff writers Kevin Clark (formerly of The Wall Street Journal) and Robert Mays (formerly of Grantland and Sports Illustrated) recorded a podcast recently where they ranked the NFL's best quarterbacks, 1-through-10. The results were pretty intriguing, and varied pretty dramatically.

Clark may end up being a Seahawks-fan favorite with his pick for the league's top quarterback, while simultaneously becoming a villain to Green Bay fans for his decision to rank Aaron Rodgers sixth, behind Andy Dalton. Meanwhile, Mays has Rodgers on top, Ben Roethlisberger over Tom Brady, and Russell Wilson at a still-very-respectable fifth.

Here are their full rankings (but you should listen to their arguments for each selection here, obviously):

Kevin Clark

1. Russell Wilson
2. Tom Brady
3. Cam Newton
4. Carson Palmer
5. Andy Dalton
6. Aaron Rodgers
7. Ben Roethlisberger
8. Drew Brees
9. Andrew Luck
10. Tyrod Taylor

Robert Mays

1. Aaron Rodgers
2. Ben Roethlisberger
3. Tom Brady
4. Cam Newton
5. Russell Wilson
6. Philip Rivers
7. Andrew Luck
8. Drew Brees
9. Carson Palmer
10. Tony Romo

Ok. I'm guessing that these rankings will generate some emotions. How would you do it differently? Where would you rank the league's top-10 quarterbacks?