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NFL Picks, Week 11: The quick and dirty

Due to time constraints, you're going to get the shortest picks post I've done. No frills.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

This weeks post is going to be quick. I am really just going to make sure my most initial and basic reactions to these matchups make it down on paper. Nothing fancy.

(-2½) Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans

No Locker, no problem!

For the Colts. No problem for the Colts.

The Winner: Colts

Cleveland Browns at (-5½) Cincinnati Bengals

Cleveland is kind of a mess, though not quite a hot mess. Cincy has been inconsistent but plays at home.

The Winner: Bengals

Oakland Raiders at (-7½) Houston Texans

Case Keenum has played well in Schaub's absence. A quick start to the year from Pryor in Oakland has tapered off a bit, I'm looking for the Texans defense to carry that trend through the weekend.

The Winner: Texans

(-7) Arizona Cardinals at Jacksonville Jaguars

Arizona has got a pretty solid defense. Jacksonville seems to play hard but loses by double digits anyways. I figured they were due to win one this year though. Sadly they punched that card last week.

The Winner: Cardinals

Washington Redskins at (-3½) Philadelphia Eagles

The Redskins defense is nearly as consistently bad as the Eagles offense is inconsistently great. Look for offensive playmakers on both teams to play well.

The Winner: Eagles

Baltimore Ravens at (-3) Chicago Bears

Should be a back and forth contest for the better part of the game. Turnovers will get the better of a Ravens team that can't seem to find an offensive balance.

The Winner: Bears

New York Jets at Buffalo Bills

If the Bills and Jets both just disappeared I wouldn't mind. In terms of trying to pick games they both make it much more difficult. This is a pick 'em for a reason.

The Winner: Jets

(-1) Detroit Lions at Pittsburgh Steelers

How Detroit is only a one point favorite in this game, is honestly somewhat confusing to me.

The Winner: Lions

Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Bucanneers

Another even line. The Bucs found a way to win one, unlike they Jags I think they've got one more decent performance up their sleeve - it helps that they're up against a crummy Falcons team at home.

The Winner: Bucs

(-1) San Diego Chargers at Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins looked pretty studly about two months ago. This isn't the week they find the DeLorean.

The Winner: Chargers

San Francisco 49ers at (-3) New Orleans Saints

This game will be good. I think. Honestly it could be bad. The 49ers are a good team, and coming off a tough loss they'll surely be motivated. The Saints are at home, where - contrary to what fans in Kansas City might believe - the second best homefield advantage in the NFL exists.

The Winner: Saints

Minnesota Vikings at (-13) Seattle Seahawks

Man was I glad to be wrong last week guys. Guys? GUYS?

Hopefully not too many of you stopped reading my work because I picked against the Hawks. I won't be doing it again for the rest of the year. The O-line is looking to be at or near full strength and Percy has been cleared for contact. All looks well.

The Winner: Seahawks

Green Bay Packers at (-4½) New York Giants

If you'd have asked me four weeks ago if I thought the Giants would be favored in this game I'd have unfollowed you on twitter. I would have been wrong, and would now be apologizing. Minus one Rogers, the Packers are a completely different team.

The Winner: Giants

Kansas City Chiefs at (-9½) Denver Broncos

The only undefeated team in the NFL is near a double digit point underdog. Hahaha. Oh, man. Just enjoy that with me for a moment. I'm rooting hard for the Chiefs to remind us all how little we really know about potential outcomes in NFL games.

The Winner: Broncos

New England Patriots at (-1) Carolina Panthers

There is about as much respect floating around for the Panthers as there is for the Chiefs.

Not enough.

The Winners: Panthers

And that's all she wrote folks. Enjoy.

Oh and ps - for those who like to see spreads discussed.

Your Best Bets:

Colts, Eagles and Lions.

The Colts are coming off a tough matchup against a team that's been improving. I think they'll bounce back. The Eagles and Lions both seem inexplicably under-favored.

The Best of the Rest:

Chiefs. They have a pass rush that is perfectly capable of getting pressure on Manning with minimal blitzing, which is usually one of the hardest things to do. They play ball control football. They are the kind of team you would engineer if you were putting together a team to take the Broncos out.

Chargers. I don't particularly LOVE the Bolts, I just really think the Dolphins are in the middle of what will be looked back upon as an incredibly awful finish to their season.

Want to converse over some games this Sunday? I'm on twitter. Myhawksofly.

And seriously, thanks so much to everyone who reads this. I really didn't want to put the work in this week, but sometimes writing can be cathartic. It was for me today. I look forward to interacting with you all.

I'll leave you with one of my most favorite songs to chill to. Just close your eyes, take a moment to relax while you take this one in. It's therapeutic. He lay in the reins.