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Coffee & Cigarettes: Seahawks links for Gameday

Holy crap it's gameday already.

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Read 'em.

Have the New England Patriots Solved the NFL's Tight-End Riddle? -
By shutting out New Orleans tight end Jimmy Graham last week, have the Patriots figured out how to solve the NFL's tight-end problem?

Week makes Seahawks’ Wilson more intense | Sportspress Northwest
Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin Tuesday trashed critics who think Seattle's wide receivers aren't getting enough separation for quarterback Russell Wilson.

Seahawks on the road, a lot | Seahawks Insider - The News Tribune
Sources tell me the Seahawks travel a lot. After all, I am writing this post from a plane. Read more here:

Seattle Seahawks Blog - Hawk Blogger: Russell Wilson: An Inconvenient Truth
Brock Huard spent a good chunk of his radio show with Danny O'Neil yesterday railing against what he referred to as "Wilson Haters." The qualifications of becoming a Wilson Hater, from what I could tell, was anyone that thought: (a) the passing game could be better (b) the passing challenges were not all the fault of receivers and lineman (c) that Wilson has room to improve. If those are hater qualities, I shudder at the thought of how we would describe Texans fans feelings about Matt Schaub. This whole debate among Seahawks fans is fundamentally flawed. Choosing between, "Russell Wilson walks on water," and "Russell Wilson is terrible quarterback," is sensationalist bull.

NFL Report Card After 6 Weeks | Fanspeak NFL Blog
Seattle Seahawks A-

QB Watch: Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson - ESPN
A weekly analysis of the Seattle Seahawks' quarterback play.

Marcus Mariota (QB, Oregon) vs Washington « Seahawks Draft Blog
I’ve already re-assessed my take on the quarterback class for 2014. It’s not 2012-good, but it’s shaping up to be a very decent group with plenty of depth. If Marcus Mariota continues to play at the level we saw on Saturday, he’ll have a tough decision to make at the end of the season.

Wednesday in Hawkville: Chris Clemons has a chance to play against Cardinals
Despite hyperextending an elbow in Sunday’s game against the Titans, defensive end Chris Clemons took part in Wednesday’s practice and is listed as questionable for Thursday night’s game in Arizona.

Focus on: Bryan Walters
Bryan Walters followed a meandering path to playing in his first regular-season game for his hometown NFL team. Next up for the Juanita High School and Cornell grad is Thursday night’s nationally televised road game against the Cardinals.

Seahawks know there's room to improve on offense -
One area in particular is still an issue for the Seahawks' offense, and it's still not sitting well with wide receiver Doug Baldwin. "I feel like we're playing like [expletive], to be honest with you," he told Danny O'Neil when asked for a status report on Seattle's offense.

Chalk Talk: Wilson, Lynch connect for 55-yard gain -
In the latest edition of 'Chalk Talk', Brock Huard breaks down the 55-yard completion from Russell Wilson to Marshawn Lynch in Seattle's Week 6 win over Tennessee. - Blog 710 ESPN Seattle at

Clemson University latest to tackle Seahawks stadium noise record -
Has the whole stadium noise thing gotten out of hand? It sure seems that way after Clemson University announced Wednesday it would try to break the record set by Seahawks fans and topped by Kansas City last Sunday. - Blog 710 ESPN Seattle at

Short week is OK with Seahawks' Richard Sherman - ESPN
“I think it’s fun,” Sherman said. “I think it’s going to be a bunch of fun. You always are looking for your next opportunity on the field, win, lose or draw. You always want to just get right back out there. I think people would rather play than practice, so shoot, it’s a lot of fun for us.”

Five things to watch | Seahawks Blog | Seattle Times
As always on the day before (to steal Pete Carroll’s phrase), here are five things to watch in Thursday’s Seattle-Arizona game. And as always, in no particular order:

Prediction Time | Seahawks Blog | Seattle Times
Well, in this shortest of possible NFL weeks, we are already to the point where it’s time to weigh in on what will happen in the game tomorrow.

What they said: Pete Carroll | Seahawks Blog | Seattle Times
Here’s what Seahawks coach Pete Carroll had to say to the media today:

Why Red Bryant Is Key to Seattle Seahawks Defensive Success | Bleacher Report
The Seattle Seahawks have a number of star players who key their success on defense. Cornerback Richard Sherman and safety Earl Thomas, about whom fans and media members ...

Kiko Alonso of Buffalo Bills tops list of best rookies -
Buffalo Bills linebacker Kiko Alonso leads the NFL in tackles and interceptions. Find out if your favorite team has a representative on ATL's list of the top 15 rookies.

Tom Brady the magician: Game Rewind takeaways -
Week 6 was highlighted by another Tom Brady comeback and a dominant performance by Kansas City's punishing defense. We dove into Game Rewind and the All-22 footage to examine both.

Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning have been two best quarterbacks in 2013 | The MMQB with Peter King
You’ll probably encounter more than a few articles about Peyton Manning returning to Indianapolis this week. It’s a great story, especially given that the 37-year-old has been the NFL’s best quarterback in 2013.

Top Prospect of Week Seven: Texas Tech TE Jace Amaro -
With nine catches for 143 yards in a thrilling victory over Iowa State, the 6-5, 260-pound junior is proving to NFL scouts what Big 12 defensive coordinators already know: that he's grown into a matchup nightmare.

Advanced NFL Stats: Team Efficiency Rankings: Week 6
Not much movement in the rankings this week, at least compared to the first three installations. As I alluded to last week, the GWP gaps should start to solidify as the sample size becomes larger and teams separate themselves more definitively.

NFL Closeup: Kenny Stills and 50/50 Ball Technique | The Rookie Scouting Portfolio
One of the terms I dislike that describes an aspect of playing the wide receiver position is “50/50 balls.” The term connotes that the offense is flipping a coin on the fate of a target. There’s also a perception that a target of this type requires a receiver with great physical skill to win the match up.

Updated QB Power Rankings After NFL Week 6 | Bleacher Report
Some new faces have emerged on the scene in Week 6, while some have catapulted to near the top of the updated NFL quarterback power rankings...

Nicks, Britt, and Gordon- Should they be Traded? - Over the Cap
With trade rumors swirling in the NFL, I thought it would make sense to look at three of the big names mentioned at Wide Receiver and the reasons why the teams might or might not pull the trigger on trading their players. The big names in question are the Giants’ Hakeem Nicks, Browns’ Josh Gordon, and Titans’ Kenny Britt. All three would seem to be on the block for various reasons and we’ll try to look at some comparables to determine what the players may gain in a trade.

Breaking Madden: Vince Young runs the Texans out of their misery -
Houston native Vince Young wants to play football again. The Texans are mired in the dumbest quarterback controversy of the season. Let's put the two together in Madden and see if one man can kill an entire game's worth of clock.