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Coffee & Cigarettes: Seahawks links for Saturday

Weekend's here, everyone.

Scott Halleran


Daniels: Seahawks were interested all along | CSN Bay Area
Greg Roman, the 49ers’ offensive coordinator, said he has noticed that defenses are better-prepared to handle the read option than they were a year ago when the offensive wrinkle was new to the NFL. “I definitely think from time-to-time we’re seeing people that are game-planning in order to box you in,” Roman said. “I think people have definitely tried to change what they’ve done and robbed Peter to pay Paul, so to speak. I definitely think there has been an effort to do that.”

Is this the golden age of cornerbacks? -- Adam Schefter's Blitz - ESPN
It's a golden age for quarterbacks, but the same also can be said for cornerbacks. They are picking off attention and passes.

Seahawks' Baldwin has the right stuff | - Sports
RENTON -- The play took about five seconds to unfold, but it was a week in the making, and in addition to being one of the biggest plays in Seattle's ...

Seattle Seahawks' Marshawn Lynch can take the direct route -
A running back who is integral to the 4-0 Seahawks' attack has the speed to run around defenders and the aggression to run over them.

Experts choose Andrew Luck and other young QBs to lead their franchise -- ESPN The Magazine - ESPN
THE CANDIDATES Robert Griffin III (Redskins), Andrew Luck (Colts), Colin Kaepernick (49ers), EJ Manuel (Bills), Cam Newton (Panthers), Russell Wilson (Seahawks), Johnny Manziel (Texas A&M), Teddy Bridgewater (Louisville)

Mike Westhoff believes NFL is making special teams obsolete | The MMQB with Peter King
Special teams used to have a major impact and serve as a proving ground for players and coaches. The new rules have turned the third phase of the game into an afterthought—and sucked some of the fun out of football

The evolution of Colin Kaepernick in an ever-brightening spotlight - Niners Nation
After being thrust into the spotlight, there has been a lot of discussion about Colin Kaepernick both on and off the field in 2013.

RENTON: Drafted 74 picks apart, Wilson and Luck share spotlight | Seattle Seahawks | The News Tribune
Russell Wilson, a 3rd-rounder in 2012, can now comfortably be included in conversations that also involve the draft’s No. 1 overall pick, Andrew Luck

Break it Down: Repeated pick-sixes prove Houston’s need to diversify route concepts | Audibles -
In today’s NFL, offenses don’t win pure physical mismatches for long before defenses adapt. We saw that last Sunday night when the New England Patriots beat the Atlanta Falcons 30-23. Tight end Tony Gonzalez was ripping the New England defense up early in that game, but Bill Belichick switched it up by putting as many as four defenders on Atlanta’s most productive weapon late in the game, and especially in the red zone. The Falcons couldn’t adapt, and that proved to be the difference. The game’s best offenses are full of schematic diversity, and that’s true of even the more conservative game plans. Perhaps most important is the ability to change offensive looks frequently enough to keep defenses on their toes.

NFL - Time zone travel trouble for the Seattle Seahawks - ESPN
Scott Kacsmar of Football Outsiders examines the time zone travel effect for the Seattle Seahawks, and whether they can overcome it to continue their dominance this season.

Infographics: Every NFL Offense's Production, Visualized By Position
Instinctively, you know every team has strengths and weaknesses. You see it in the box scores and the advanced metrics, but when the teams line up, a shitty running back doesn't look impossibly different from Adrian Peterson. So, here's a visual aid. Every NFL offense, visualized by how each of the main offensive positions are playing.

▶ Richard Sherman Gives Darrelle Revis Props?! - Sherman Sounds Off - YouTube
Richard Sherman always has an opinion and this week he's naming his top three NFL cornerbacks and fanbases.

Seattle Seahawks Blog - Hawk Blogger: Observations Heading Into Seahawks @ Colts
Another week, another game with the odds favoring the Seahawks to win a football game on the road. Many football odds predictions have the Seahawks winning. Others, like SportBet News, are taking the Colts and the one point. My first step when familiarizing myself with a Seahawks opponent is to find their relative statistical strengths and weaknesses. Researching the Colts led to some surprising results.

Kiko Alonso tops Making the Leap list for Week 5 -
Buffalo Bills rookie linebacker Kiko Alonso tops our "Making the Leap" watch after back-to-back highlight-filled games. Find out where your favorite young star ranks on this week's list.

Week 5 Game Rankings: Colts look ready to make big move in AFC South -
Do you think somebody at the league office knew a lil somethin' somethin' this summer when they put this schedule together? Like, even more than usual?

2013 NFL Week 5 Picks: 2009 NFL Draft class bust-worthy -
Let's take a look at Week 5 picks from the 2013 NFL season, with a special emphasis on the particularly terrible 2009 NFL Draft's first round.

Eight in the Box: The best plays from Weeks 1 through 4 | Audibles -
We’re only four weeks (plus one Thursday night game) into the season, and yet we already have a bevy of spectacular plays etched on the 2013 film. In fact, picking just eight of those plays to spotlight here was quite the challenge.

Doug Baldwin flaunting his big-play ability
Has anyone in the passing game made more big plays during the Seahawks’ 4-0 start than Doug Baldwin? The answer to that is as obvious as the growing number of big plays Baldwin is making.

Seahawks' revamped pass rush will be key vs. Colts -
"Y'all don't even need me."

Seahawks prepared to start Jeanpierre in place Unger -
"Max is going to try to do some stuff here at the very end of the week and see where he is," Carroll told "The Morning News" on KIRO Radio 97.3 FM Friday morning, "but right now I'm planning on going with Lem and our guys that we played last week, and if we get a little bit of help then we'll surely utilize it. But it's not going to change a lot."

Tavon Austin learning value of patience - NFC West Blog - ESPN
St. Louis Rams receiver Tavon Austin has made a living of doing things fast.

Week 5 Double Coverage: Seattle Seahawks at Indianapolis Colts - ESPN
Two of the NFL's best young quarterbacks -- Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson -- will be center stage when the Indianapolis Colts (3-1) take on the Seattle Seahawks (4-0) in the most anticipated game of the weekend. The résumé for both players already includes the ability to pull off fourth-quarter comebacks.

Double Coverage: Houston Texans at San Francisco 49ers - ESPN
The Houston Texans are not pleased with themselves, and neither is their Week 5 opponent, the San Francisco 49ers.

Carroll on B.J. Daniels: ‘We like him as a quarterback’ | Seahawks Blog | Seattle Times
“He’s done a little bit of everything, and he’s obviously an all-around athlete,” Carroll said. “We like him as a quarterback. That’s where we like him.”

Seahawks Friday practice notes: Miller, Unger officially questionable | Seahawks Blog | Seattle Times
“Zach tightened his hammy a little bit and we are going to try to wait it out and see if it’s going to be a factor for the game,” Carroll said. “We’ll wait all the way until gametime.”

Hawks report Friday | Seahawks Insider - The News Tribune
If there’s a team that could use affordable health care about now, it’s the Seattle Seahawks.

Pete after Friday practice | Seahawks Insider - The News Tribune
On BJ Daniels: We evaluated BJ at length and really liked him and wanted to see if we could get him on the club but he got chosen earlier than we had an opportunity to pick him, we had an eye on him the whole time kept him in our minds in case he got loose we would grab him. He’s a guy who brings a lot of versatility , he’s played a lot of football in college and can throw it and run it. … we really liked everything about him and when we got a chance to grab him, we did. He’s obviously an all-around athlete, but we like him as a quarterback

Why Donte Whitner's Name Change Is an Incredibly Dumb Idea | Bleacher Report
Ever since Donte Whitner first stepped into a pro locker room, pundits have viewed him as a tenacious hitter. Coming out of Ohio State, Whitner was a blue-chip prospect that had blazing speed (4...

Don't Look Now, but Glenn Dorsey Making Most of Fresh Start in San Francisco | Bleacher Report
As a football player, San Francisco 49ers nose tackle Glenn Dorsey hadn’t ever experienced failure until the Kansas City Chiefs drafted him in 2008...

Updated Play Counts for Seahawks - NFC West - NFL News - Pro Football Spot:: NFL News -
An oft-overlooked stat line that played a vital role in Seattle's 2012 late-season surge is total plays ran. Over the course of 16 games, the Seahawks ran 1942 plays from scrimmage (974 on offense and 968 on defense), compared to a league average of 2055. That's almost like having an extra bye week.

What Really Goes on in an NFL Locker Room at Halftime? | Bleacher Report
We’ve all witnessed that team return from halftime looking like its players have just been smoking PCP for the last 10 minutes and are now jacked up beyond all recognition...