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Coffee & Cigarettes: Seahawks links for Wednesday


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Hump day y'all.

Stevie Brown, Dustin Keller injuries reinforce need to pay players for preseaason | The MMQB with Peter King
It's a necessary evil, and the risks—injuries that could cost a player his livelihood— are considerable. The least owners can do is open their wallets and give us peace of mind

Putting in (Too Much?) Work - The Smash Mouth -
Like an increasing number of football writers, I live in three types of football worlds: NFL draft, fantasy, and standard NFL coverage. I've written and done radio around all three for a decade now, and it is rare when a football topic can live in all three worlds.

Seahawks, 49ers, Rams, Cardinals make NFC West the NFL's best -
The San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks are two of the top teams in football, but the NFC West runs much deeper than that. In fact, Adam Schein says this is the NFL's most captivating division.

Seattle Seahawks Facing Tough Cap Decisions with Remaining Roster Cuts | Bleacher Report
The Seattle Seahawks have salary cap problems. They are currently significantly over the salary cap, and are living in "rolled-over" cap room borrowed from previous seasons. If they don't make changes before rosters are set, the 2014 offseason will likely be very ugly.

Tuesday in Hawkville: Catch it, if you can
A recap of the activities at Virginia Mason Athletic Center for Aug. 27, when the Seahawks held their final practice before their final preseason game on Thursday night against the Oakland Raiders at CenturyLink Field.

NFC West positional glance at 75-man limit - NFC West Blog - ESPN
The NFC West complied with the 75-man roster limit Tuesday by releasing some players and placing others on various reserve lists.

Russell Wilson inspired by Erik Spoelstra speech - ESPN
It’s not every day an NBA championship coach gives advice to an NFL team, but Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson considered it an inspiring moment Tuesday when Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra spoke to the players.

Injuries drive San Francisco 49ers' roster moves - ESPN
Eight of the San Francisco 49ers' 11 rookie draft choices survived the NFL's mandatory reduction to 75 players Tuesday.

Wilson on preseason performance: ‘I think I’ve done a good job.’ | Seahawks Insider - The News Tribune
“At first it was a little mind-boggling,” Siliga said. “But working with coach Jones (defensive line coach Travis Jones), having him sit me down and teaching me the stuff, that’s really helped me.

St. Louis Rams Roster 2013: Latest Cuts, Depth Charts and Analysis | Bleacher Report
The St. Louis Rams can hear time slowly slip away. They are only hours away from finalizing their first round of cuts and reordering their depth chart. On Tuesday, the Rams need to be down to 75 players by 4 p...

Arizona Cardinals Roster 2013: Latest Cuts, Depth Charts and Analysis | Bleacher Report
In the desert, the Arizona Cardinals have already started disclosing their roster cuts. They need to finish trimming their roster down to 75 by 4 p.m. ET on Tuesday and down to 53 on Saturday...

Seattle Seahawks Roster 2013: Latest Cuts, Depth Charts and Analysis | Bleacher Report
With one preseason game left to go, the Seattle Seahawks are zeroing in on two very important times and dates. On Tuesday, the Seahawks must be down to 75 players by 4 p.m. ET...

San Francisco 49ers Roster 2013: Latest Cuts, Depth Charts and Analysis | Bleacher Report
By the Bay Area, the San Francisco 49ers have already started announcing cuts as they trim their roster down to 75 by 4 p.m. ET on Tuesday and down to 53 on Saturday...

Lance Louis cut by Miami Dolphins in unexpected move -
Lance Louis, who was expected to challenge John Jerry for the starting job at right guard for the Miami Dolphins, was released by the team Tuesday.

Lawrence Okoye placed on 49ers' waived/injured list -
British Olympian Lawrence Okoye was designated waived/injured by the San Francisco 49ers on Tuesday. Okoye injured his knee in the team's preseason game Sunday.

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | NFL Stats Not Always on Target
Much has evolved in the 10 years since Football Outsiders debuted. The niche group of fans demanding a smarter brand of football analysis continues to grow. This has led to the creation of a variety of metrics from several sources that were just not available back in the day.

Seahawks, 49ers lead the list of NFL’s top defenses | Audibles -
A generation ago, NFL defense was about aggressive coverage, beating your man at the line, and relatively simple “if this/then that” pattern-read concepts. As much as the league’s great defenses are always about talent, they’re more about scheme than ever before these days. In the truly modern NFL, defenses substitute entire positional rotations, play nickel and dime defense at least half the time, and must counter offenses looking to stretch the field in ways we’ve never seen. Add a dizzying array of option routes, more and more option quarterbacks who can actually throw the ball, and a new emphasis on speed no-huddle sets, and it’s clear that the task of providing premium NFL defense on a week-to-week basis (never mind season-to-season) is tougher than it has ever been before.

Mike Mayock picks his sleeper team for the 2013 NFL season | The MMQB with Peter King
ANDY DEGORY: What sleeper team do you have on your radar this season? MIKE MAYOCK: In Buffalo there’s some excitement. A year ago, people didn’t understand that they were a tough mismatch. Forget the quarterback for a second.

NFL owners could vote in March whether to ban hits to knees of defenseless players | SI Wire
The NFL’s competition committee will take a closer look at hits to the knees of defenseless players this season in an effort to decide whether to possibly ban such a move in the future, chief of football operations Ray Anderson told The Associated Press on Tuesday.

St. Louis Rams 2013 season: Salary Cap Dilemmas - Turf Show Times
Currently, the Rams' Available Salary Cap Space is $113,676, lowest in the league. The roster will be trimmed to 75 players by 4pm today. None of those cuts will affect cap space, as they're not...

Vic Fangio talks Parys Haralson, Eric Reid, Patrick Willis and more - Niners Nation
49ers defensive coordinator Vic Fangio met with the media Tuesday. He had plenty to discuss about the 49ers defense, but he also made a pitch for Tom Rathman and the 49ers ring of honor.

Kawakami: Jim Harbaugh, 49ers had informal contract talks - Niners Nation
The 49ers and Jim Harbaugh have reportedly had some informal discussions about a potential contract extension. Is there anything that could get JIm Harbaugh out of Santa Clara?