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Coffee & Cigarettes: Seahawks links for Monday

Super Bowl Week.

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Are Teams Afraid To Pass Against Seattle?
We know that the Seahawks pass defense is historically good, but the title of this post sounds like it was written by a Seahawks homer, right? I mean, who else besides a green-and-blue fanboy (or maybe Richard Sherman or Earl Thomas) would write something as absurd as "Seattle’s pass defense is so good that teams are afraid to throw on them!!!"

Seahawks LB Wagner's low profile belies big play in Super Bowl run -
You may not know Seahawks LB Bobby Wagner, but the 49ers and Frank Gore do, as do Wagner's peers. Wagner says he's ready for whatever the Broncos, or the weather, offer in the Super Bowl.

Broncos, Seahawks strayed from convention - Sports - The Boston Globe
Conventional wisdom in the NFL is that you build your team through the draft. The Ravens, Giants, and Packers recently won championships based mostly on the strength of the players they drafted.

Seahawks Mania Bigger Than U.S. Can Contain -
During the N.F.C. championship game last Sunday, die-hard fans draped in navy blue and neon green, part of a group collectively known as the 12th Man, stood, yelled and chanted their Seahawks on to another victory, reaching excruciatingly high decibel levels in the process.

This moment isn't too big for Wilson - Seattle Seahawks Blog - ESPN
Seahawks coach Pete Carroll isn’t one of them. "I don’t know how anybody could be better prepared to handle it," Carroll said of his quarterback. "That’s preparation that came way before he ever got to us. He’s a tremendous kid, and I think he’ll be at his best, just like he has been in every other opportunity that we’ve faced. He’ll take care of his business."

Turns out, Pete Carroll’s way does work | Larry Stone | The Seattle Times
Seahawks coach Pete Carroll was criticized in the past because of his methods. Now, with his team winning, he is sure to be emulated.

Bob Wolfley - SportsDay - Russell Wilson might need to take some chances, Aikman says
"Russell has adjusted his style a little bit in terms of does he need to take chances, does he need to fit balls in certain areas," said Troy Aikman, the game analyst for the Fox telecast of the Super Bowl, during a phone interview. "Because I feel that he is capable of doing all that. The last four weeks of the season what they didn't get was the big play down the field. They've never thrown the ball a lot. They are only one of two teams in the regular season that ran the ball more than they threw it. Rarely does he throw the ball 30 times in a game, where for a lot of these quarterbacks, that's the norm."

Frozen Big Apple on Menu for Broncos, Seahawks - ABC News
An icy wind made its way through the Meadowlands, cut across the Hudson River and into frigid Manhattan. Looks like Mother Nature is taking seriously the NFL's slogan for the upcoming Super Bowl: Best Served Cold.

Broncos-Seahawks rivalry recalled in hard-hitting AFC West days - NFL -
The Broncos-Seahawks rivalry dates back to when both were fierce AFC West rivals. It was, at times, brutal and even colorful. But players say it was built on respect.

Super Bowl XLVIII -- Pete Carroll says Seattle Seahawks striving for 'normal week' - ESPN
Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll walked into the team's hotel Sunday night and said, "We're going to have a normal week as best we can."

Super Bowl XLVIII -- Richard Sherman has no regrets over post-NFC Championship Game outburst - ESPN
"I definitely think it helped," Sherman said. "Everybody getting the chance to see the craziness, the tons of media in our press conferences. Things like that definitely can help us get ready and get focused now that we're here this week."

Coverage of Seahawks arrival in New Jersey | Seahawks Blog | Seattle Times
Coverage of Seahawks arrival in New Jersey

Earl Thomas and Russell Wilson lead Seahawks | Seahawks | The Seattle Times
Seahawks players follow the examples of two of their young, focused stars, safety Earl Thomas and quarterback Russell Wilson.

Seahawks players look ahead to big endorsement deals as they march toward Super Bowl | Business & Technology | The Seattle Times
The Seahawks dramatic run-up to the Super Bowl means that for the first time, many of its players are facing the possibility of a big payoff from endorsement deals that go beyond local car dealerships and plumbing companies.

Mike Holmgren on his regrets from Super Bowl XL | Seahawks Insider - The News Tribune
"If I could change anything, it would be to change the emotion of the players on the sideline as that game was going," he said. "Every call, after the beginning, everyone on the sidelines would just erupt, and I think I couldn’t calm them down, partly, because I got too excited. I didn’t do that very well."

What if Peyton Manning had chosen the Seahawks? | - Sports
While we wait for the dream Super Bowl matchup between Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning and Seattle's vaunted secondary, it's fun to look back and consider what if?

Broncos’ defense playing best ball right now | - Sports
If anyone can explain the recent rise of the Denver Broncos’ defense, they ought to be doing something more important than following football.

Super Bowl: Good (Broncos) vs. evil (Seahawks) | - Sports
One team celebrated its Super Bowl invitation by angrily stomping across a rain-splattered patch of downtown pavement. The other team tearfully skipped around a bright mountain meadow.

What we learned from Broncos' first media day -
The Denver Broncos met with the media for the first time this week aboard a large boat docked next to their team hotel. Around The League's Dan Hanzus has 13 takeaways from the experience.

Peyton Manning: 'I certainly want to keep playing' -
In his first meeting with reporters on Super Bowl week, Peyton Manning was asked if it's possible he'll play his final game next Sunday against the Seahawks. The QB didn't sound close to retirement.

Cam Newton still salty about Panthers' loss to 49ers -
The Carolina Panthers had a successful season, winning the NFC South and advancing to the postseason for the first time since 2008. But Cam Newton remains bothered by how the season ended.

NFP Sunday Blitz | National Football Post
The copycat nature of the NFL has the league looking at Seattle’s take on the cornerback position

Super Bowl Weather: Latest forecast for Super Bowl 2014 | Audibles -
What does Mother Nature have in store for Super Bowl XLVIII? Find all the latest weather forecast updates below

Byron Maxwell has risen through patience and persistence | 100 Yards and Running | Blogs |
Patience was all he needed from others. After shredding his knee as a high school senior, Clemson was patient with him, redshirting his freshman year to give time to rehabilitate. Then he went to Seattle, a team that was patient as he stretched to touch his toes while battling through injuries before eventually beating up on foes. Now he’s the starting right cornerback for the Seahawks.

Top Heavy Spending in the NFL - Over the Cap
With contract restructuring and termination season just about a week away I wanted to look at the teams’ that have significant salary cap investments in a limited number of players. For each team I calculated the top three, four, and five salary cap hits on the team to compare and see just which teams are incredibly top heavy and which are not.

They Coulda Been Contenders | The Tailgater
Replace Russell Wilson with Alex Smith and nothing changes. The Seahawks still reach the Super Bowl. Instead of hearing about Russell Wilson for two weeks, you hear about Alex Smith for two weeks. The story remains true. Only the names and details change.

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