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Coffee & Cigarettes: Seahawks links for Wednesday


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Humpday, gang. Gettin' there.

2013: Best of Marshawn Lynch - NFL Videos
Grab a bag of skittles and relive Marshawn Lynch's beast-ish moments from the regular season.

Richard Sherman’s 10 Thoughts Leading Up to Super Bowl XLVIII | The MMQB with Peter King
1. No one has ever made himself great by showing how small someone else is. That’s not mine. It belongs to Irvin Himmel. Somebody tweeted it at me after the NFC Championship Game. If I could pass a lesson on to the kids it would be this: Don’t attack anybody. I shouldn’t have attacked Michael Crabtree the way I did. You don’t have to put anybody else down to make yourself bigger.

Super Bowl -- Marshawn Lynch of Seattle Seahawks agrees to deal with Skittles - ESPN
Marshawn Lynch's run of giving Skittles free publicity is officially over.

Super Bowl XLVIII - Friends, family discuss the Richard Sherman they know
Outside Dominguez High School in Compton, Calif., athletic director Darryl Smith knows what answer his students will give, but he isn't afraid to pose the questions to make a point to others.

Terrance Knighton: San Diego loss showed us we couldn’t just show up in playoffs | ProFootballTalk
It probably comes as no surprise to you to learn that Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning generated the most attention at Broncos Media Day on Tuesday.

Richard Sherman: Comparisons to Muhammad Ali are “very humbling” | ProFootballTalk
At his Media Day press conference, Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman was asked about being compared to legendary heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali.

The perfect storm: How the Seahawks built a contender -
Everyone who sees a Seattle Seahawks practice notices how unusual it is. Music blares from on-field speakers. Everything is loud and uptempo. Head coach Pete Carroll, even at 62, moves with the spirit and energy of a 26-year-old. He sprints from drill to drill, high-fiving everyone and everything in sight. The scene is nothing like your typical NFL session, where order and structure reign.

Celebrating a cold-weather Super Bowl, the frozen championship football deserves -
New York and New Jersey are presently ensconced in ice, and the 82,000 fans who watch Super Bowl XLVIII in MetLife Stadium won't be much warmer. Is this a bad thing? Not at all.

Marshawn Lynch likely won't be fined for Media Day behavior -
Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch was mostly silent during his hour in front of the media at Super Bowl 2014 Media Day.

Throwback - What Super Bowls looked like 30 years ago| Blog | Moss Inc
The world’s most popular sporting event has come a long way since Moss Sports – then Flying Colors – undertook its first Super Bowl branding project. Super Bowl XIX in 1985 featured Joe Montana’s San Francisco 49ers vs. Dan Marino’s Miami Dolphins at Stanford Stadium...

Pete Carroll of Seattle Seahawks voted as coach most players would like to play for -- ESPN survey - ESPN
Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll seemed a little stunned when told he was the clear winner in's NFL Nation Confidential question: "Which head coach would you most like to play for?"

What we learned from Super Bowl Media Day -
Another Media Day has come and gone. The Around The League team was on the scene on the day that Marshawn Lynch went full-on rock star at the Prudential Center. What did the guys learn?

Road to Super Bowl XLVIII: Seahawks bring all phases together | Fox News
( - The Seattle Seahawks knew they had to get better on the road if they wanted to put themselves in position to challenge for a Super Bowl title.

Does Super Bowl experience matter? Seahawks, Broncos are not convinced | Audibles -
JERSEY CITY, N.J. -- Seattle Seahawks receiver Ricardo Lockette is anything but a big name. He was signed by Seattle as an undrafted free agent out of Fort Valley State in 2011.

Seahawks Star Lynch Walks out of Media Day - ABC News
Marshawn Lynch was there. He even talked a bit.

Comic relief: Seahawks' Legion of Boom compared to Legion of Doom - NFL - Sporting News
The 'Legion of Boom' faces “Challenge of the Super Bowl” on Sunday night. That’s not to be confused with the “Legion of Doom”, which faced the “Challenge of the Super Friends” on Saturday mornings.

Seahawks’ Michael Bennett living in the moment at Super Bowl - Sports - The Boston Globe
JERSEY CITY — In a pinch last month, Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett called one of the best restaurants in the Seattle area, hoping to get a table for him, his wife, and their three daughters. The But the hostess told him, sorry, we’re full tonight. Undeterred, the Louisiana native and Texas A&M product called back, this time saying he was the team’s star quarterback, Russell Wilson. That not only got him a table, it got him a roped-off spot for his family. When the hostess realized Bennett was not Wilson, as he’d claimed, all he could say was “Gotcha!” Bennett led Seattle with 8½ sacks this season, part of a highly effective front seven that tends to get overlooked given the team’s brash Legion of Boom secondary.with

Seahawks' Richard Sherman attends Brooklyn Nets game, calls Daily News back page 'funny' - NY Daily News
It appears evident that Sherman didn't come to New York area to talk like he did after NFC championship game, says 'Mouth That Bored' headline is 'all in good fun.'

Seattle Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor major key to 'Legion of Boom' defense - NY Daily News
Super Bowl XLVIII is full of stars, but the enforcer of Seattle's defense could make a name for himself against Peyton Manning and Broncos passing game.

Broncos must do everything to top Seahawks' defense -
With the Seattle Seahawks’ defense displaying no glaring weakness heading into Super Bowl Sunday, Denver Broncos assistant Eric Studesville says his team is determined to maintain its offensive identity.

Monday in Hawkville: Seahawks get in a ‘Bonus Monday’ workout
After a cross-country flight on Sunday and not being on the practice field since Friday, the Seahawks got back to work on Monday as their on-site preparations for Sunday’s Super Bowl XLVIII moved into a higher gear.

Marshawn Lynch: Beast Mode Evolved «
arshawn Lynch occupies a weird, compelling space in the football world. More so than anybody else in the league, he’s the guy I find non-football or casual football fans gravitating toward.

John Schneider: 'I prayed about it a bunch' | Seahawks Blog | Seattle Times
“To a certain extent, quite honestly I prayed about it a bunch. We try not to panic in our room. We listen to Reggae music and we don’t have the TVs on. When we have the TVs on, we have the volume turned down. We try to keep a very calm atmosphere where if we need to have discussions, we can talk about it. When he started coming closer to us, there was a group of quarterbacks taken higher and then there was a second group that was going to start going in there. I didn’t know if he was going to be the first one or not, but I knew we weren’t going to go by him again.”

The ordinary is anything but at Super Bowl media day -
There were no shots fired from media day Tuesday, each team taking a deferential approach and steering clear of anything inflammatory.

Clayton: Lynch should be fined for media day antics -
"The Marshawn Lynch thing was totally embarrassing for the organization I think because he went through the motions of answering questions non-football-related for six minutes and 21 seconds and bolted," Clayton said. "He didn't leave the area but he stood near the position where he was supposed to be and refused to walk back. I honestly think that he should get the $100,000 fine. He acted irresponsibly."

Marshawn Lynch: 'I'm just about that action, boss' -
"I'm just about that action, boss," he told the NFL Network when asked by Deion Sanders about his proclivity for media silence.

Martellus Bennett, Michael's brother, says he's funnier -
"I actually flew to both playoff games and that's my first time ever being in the stands because we've both never made it to the playoffs and we've both been on the same team," he said.

Person of Interest: Broncos DT Terrance Knighton -
Taking a closer look at another key player in Super Bowl XLVIII, Denver's Terrance Knighton:

More from Percy Harvin: 'I’m not worried about anything' | Seahawks Blog | Seattle Times
Seattle receiver Percy Harvin was one of the more popular Seahawks at Media Day today. Here’s more of what he had to say:

Richard Sherman: 'You never want to talk down on a man to build yourself up' | Seahawks Blog | Seattle Times
Those hoping for fireworks from Richard Sherman at Super Bowl Media Day today came away largely disappointed. The Seattle cornerback, who thrust himself into the national spotlight after his raucous post-game interview with Erin Anderws following the Seahawks’ NFC Title game win over the 49ers, pretty much stayed controversy-free during his time on the podium today.

Pete Carroll: 'I think what makes us special is that we are a very, very tight group' | Seahawks Blog | Seattle Times
Here’s some of what Seattle coach Pete Carroll had to say during Super Bowl Media Day today:

Golden Tate: 'I would really like to stay (in Seattle)' | Seahawks Blog | Seattle Times
“I’m trusting in God and just taking it day by day,” he said. “Right now really my future doesn’t matter. Winning a Super Bowl is the only thing that matters to me because this is a once in a lifetime kind of deal. Obviously I plan to come back, but not very often, I mean there’s been guys that played 20 years that haven’t even gone to the playoffs. I feel like it would be selfish for me to be thinking about my future and that would be taking away from this team.”

Marshawn Lynch: 'When we win, that’s when I’ll be satisfied' | Seahawks Blog | Seattle Times
As has been pretty well publicized, Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch didn’t talk much at Media Day today, officially about six minutes, apparently good enough for him to avoid being fined for not participating (players were technically required to speak for an hour).

Derrick Coleman: 'It’s every kid’s dream' | Seahawks Blog | Seattle Times
Seattle backup fullback Derrick Coleman has seen vastly increased media attention since his Duracell ad debuted earlier this month. Here’s some of what he had to say at NFL Media Day today about that and other topics:

Broncos defensive coordinator played hoops with Pete Carroll and baseball with Randy Johnson | Seahawks Insider - The News Tribune
“Randy was wild,” Del Rio said Tuesday. “He didn’t have a lot of great control back in the day – but awesome talent, and awesome to see him have such a spectacular career.”

Questionable questions at media day | Seahawks Insider - The News Tribune
A sampling of questions asked at Tuesday’s Super Bowl media day:

Denver kicker says his max range could be 70 yards | Seahawks Insider - The News Tribune
As I wrote earlier this month, I was in Tulane Stadium back in 1970 when Tom Dempsey kicked his 63-yard field goal that stood as the NFL record … until this season when Denver’s Matt Prater kicked one from 64.

NEW YORK: Safeties first: Seahawks' Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor best in the NFL | Dave Boling | The News Tribune
Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor hoped to change Seahawks football.

Russell Wilson hopes for 'best 60 minutes of my life' | - Sports
"I watched the whole game, and the pregame and all that, because I really wanted to get a feel for it in case we were there (someday)," Wilson said. "I believed that we would (be) and, sure enough, we are."

Seahawks' Kam Chancellor could be the X-factor | - Sports
On a critical third-down play late in Seattle's NFC championship game victory, San Francisco receiver Michael Crabtree had a chance to make a catch across the middle of the field.

How Pete Carroll, Seahawks Saved Each Other and Built a Contender in the Process | Bleacher Report
When head coach Pete Carroll left sunny Southern California for the Pacific Northwest in 2010, pundits from around the league wondered what his motives where. Did he really want another shot at leading an NFL team for the third time, or did he simply want to flee USC’s sanctions?

J.R. Sweezy Has Provided Spark for Seahawks Running Game in Playoffs
If the Seattle Seahawks are able to beat the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl, it will likely be in part because of their ability to run the football. The Seahawks are a run-first team on offense, but poor run blocking by the offensive line has meant that they haven't always been good at running the football this season.

Seattle Seahawks Blog - Hawk Blogger: SUPER BOWL: Projecting Peyton Manning Vs The Seahawks
Peyton Manning is a master of his trade. Nobody plays the quarterback position better. He identifies and exploits defensive weaknesses better than anyone who has ever played the game. His mental acuity is so great that he is setting league records even as his physical abilities are on the decline. Everyone wants to see how he will match up against the best defense in the NFL and a secondary that some believe deserve to be mentioned among the greatest of all-time as well. Of course, playing the game is the only way to know for sure, but we can have a little fun looking at some clues beforehand.

Phil Simms: Broncos haven't seen a team like Hawks -
The Denver Broncos are the AFC champions, one of only two 13-win teams in the NFL this season, and riding a wave of momentum on offense led by one of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time, Peyton Manning.

Wes Welker on facing Sherman: I'll take anyone 1-on-1 -
"It's what we look forward to, No. 1 offense versus No. 1 defense," Wes Welker told NFL Network's Deion Sanders during Tuesday's Super Bowl Media Day. "(There are) a lot of great players on that defensive unit of the Seahawks. I mean, they got a lot of guys that fly around to the football, so it's going to be a good matchup for us."

Agent's take: Which players could cash in on big Super Bowl 48? -
A good Super Bowl performance can help players land lucrative contracts especially if it follows a solid regular season or outstanding playoff run.

Bill Romanowski discusses game week rules regarding sex -
The two-time Pro Bowler discusses some restrictions set by former 49ers coach Bill Walsh.

Something to prove | National Football Post
The Seattle wide receivers may not possess the flashy stat lines, but they’ve come up big in tight spots.

NFL prospect focus: Hyde and Mason | National Football Post
An in-depth look at two of the best running backs in this year’s draft class.

Richard Sherman talks NFC title game and more at 2014 Super Bowl Media Day | Audibles -
“I think these cameras should go to my teammates,” Sherman told the horde of reporters lined up at his podium at the Prudential Center. “I think that what happened after the game, the situation that occurred, forced them to be around me and forced everybody’s attention, but I think I have the best teammates in the world. Doug Baldwin had a heck of a game, and he’s a heck of a receiver, and has the stats to prove it. I think that these cameras could be anywhere. They could be on all my teammates, and they deserve it.”

Monday Morning MD | National Football Post
Special medical preparations exist in the week leading up to the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl media day—how much stranger can it get? | The MMQB with Peter King
NEWARK, N.J. — "Media Day" is a dumb name for what happens on Tuesdays of Super Bowl Week. Because on the Sunday through Friday before the game, the media is inundated with opportunities to talk to players and coaches, who trying 110 percent with great work ethic to say absolutely nothing of ...

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Quarterback Postseason Drive Stats
In the first part of this series on quarterbacks in the postseason, I looked at some of the fallacies in how quarterbacks are judged by win-loss record along with opponent adjustments for passing stats. Today, I have an update to the playoff drive stats I first introduced three years ago at Pro-Football-Reference.

Welker never thinks about his Super Bowl drop | ProFootballTalk
“You know what? I don’t even think about it,” Welker said when asked about it at Media Day. “The past is the past, what happened, happened and I’m just looking forward to this one and going out there and playing my best game and doing what I can to help my team win.”

Super Bowl 48: Peyton Manning will see ever-changing Seahawks secondary | The MMQB with Peter King
By Doug Farrar The most compelling matchup in Super Bowl XLVIII will undeniably be the Broncos’ passing attack against the Seahawks’ secondary.

Seahawks say they’re not sleeping on Broncos run game | ProFootballTalk
“A lot of people sleep on their running game because of Peyton Manning and what he’s able to do,” Thomas said. “These guys have elevated in the playoffs. I think a lot of defenses get lost in the passing game and that’s how these guys are getting off. We really understand the formations as far as the running attack. That’s what’s going to allow us to play with confidence and dominate.”

The Tricks of Kicking at MetLife, from the Men Who Know | The MMQB with Peter King
NEW YORK CITY — Besides all the dressings that will adorn MetLife Stadium on Super Bowl Sunday, another was once considered: flaps. The idea of adding something along the lines of oversized window shutters to the exterior of the stadium, to shield the inside from the elements, was broached during ...

The Best Playoff Quarterbacks In The Super Bowl Era
On Friday, I explained the idea behind Playoff Leverage. That post is required reading before diving in today, but the summary is that the Super Bowl counts for more than the conference championship games, which count for more than the division round games, which count for more than the wild card games. The value that is assigned to each game — the Super Bowl is currently worth 3.14 times as much as the average playoff game — is then used to adjust the stats of the players in those games.

Richard Sherman winning the PR battle, whether on purpose or not -
"He knew exactly what he was doing. Anybody who thinks that was off the top of his head I think is not understanding the situation," Buck told "He went off on Crabtree in our meeting on Friday. And it just so happened the perfect storm -- the game basically ends on a play he makes on Crabtree. He could've been on anybody, and he happens to be on Crabtree so he got his moment."

Pete Carroll wants in exclusive club with two members—Jimmy Johnson and Barry Switzer - NFL - Sporting News
Pete Carroll is on the brink of doing something with his Seattle Seahawks that only two football coaches have done before: pair a college national championship with a Super Bowl title. It’s no fluke that he could be soon mentioned with two of the game’s legends.

Seahawks' Richard Sherman holds court: 'I'm not anybody's puppet'
Richard Sherman smiled, hugged old ladies, fist-bumped kids, sang pop songs and got asked about everything from Justin Bieber to playing Batman on Tuesday.