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Coffee & Cigarettes: Seahawks links for Thursday


Jeff Zelevansky

Kick back and read:

In exclusive interview, Seahawks GM reveals he’s always ‘a mess’ on Game Day | Q13 FOX News
Seahawks General Manager John Schneider, widely credited with turning the Seattle franchise into a powerhouse, said Tuesday he is not the composed wheeler-dealer on game days that people might imagine.

Carroll's vision in '12 preseason put Wilson at QB, helped Seattle to SB -
The Seahawks had to talk themselves into drafting Russell Wilson, let alone starting him. That is, until Pete Carroll knew he'd found his QB in the 2012 preseason.

Russell Wilson is Houdini of NFL quarterbacks - ESPN
Moreover, Wilson has completed a tidy 57.4 percent of those passes from that tenuous base of operations. The league average is 49.1 percent. Wilson led the league with 51 scrambles in the regular season. Manning's last official scramble was 14 months ago at Kansas City.

Richard Sherman 2011 NFL Draft Interview -
Richard Sherman 2011 NFL Draft Interview

Burke Blog: Searching for what inspired the Seattle Seahawks logo
Since its debut in 1975, people have been speculating about the design influence for the Seattle Seahawks team logo, but until recently, a specific object that most likely inspired the designers had not been identified.

Marshawn Lynch: ‘I’m just here so I won’t get fined, boss’ | Seahawks | The Seattle Times
Seahawks running back talks with media Wednesday for about five minutes, avoids fine. “I really don’t have much to say, boss.”

Lynch making mockery of interviews - Seattle Seahawks Blog - ESPN
Who would have thought that Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch would be more in demand from the media in the middle of Super Bowl week than cornerback Richard Sherman? And that Lynch would become a far-bigger distraction for everyone involved? Strange, but true.

Who are the quiet leaders of Broncos, Seahawks? -
Jacob Tamme and Red Bryant hardly resonate as household names, but they wield respect in the locker room. Which other players inspire the Broncos and Seahawks behind the scenes?

Shawn Kemp writes about passion of Seahawks, Seattle sports fans - NFL -
The 'Hawks have a talker in Richard Sherman. We had a talker in Gary Payton. But let's be clear about this: Gary is in a different league entirely. Richard is an intelligent guy and -- you sense that 20 seconds after meeting him -- and you have the feeling he's running his mouth to have fun. Gary was a flat-out killing machine who wasn't going to slow down for anyone. A verbal battle between those two? It would not even be close.

Super Bowl mock draft: 29th January | Seahawks Draft Blog
Time to mix things up a bit after the Senior Bowl. A lot of you will linger on the fact I have Seattle picking at #31 and Denver at #32. Don’t.

Seattle Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch: 'I'm just here so I won't get fined' - NFL Videos
Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch mumbles through his mandatory media session, until fullback Michael Robinson joins in and lightens things up.

Wednesday in Hawkville: Enough talk for now, Seahawks return to their practice routine
After Media Day on Tuesday and another interview session at their team hotel on Wednesday morning, the Seahawks boarded buses and headed to Giants’ facility to get back to what’s really important in this Super Bowl week.

Finding a way to disrupt Peyton Manning
In only the second Super Bowl matchup between the No. 1-ranked defense and the No. 1-ranked offense during the regular season, Priority No. 1 for the Seahawks is finding a way to affect Peyton Manning.

The essence of Pete Carroll's "Win Forever" philosophy
The following feature was originally published in March 2008, with a second edition being published in May 2010 shortly after Pete Carroll became head coach of the Seattle Seahawks. What proceeds lays out Carroll’s WinForever philosophy and shines light on the foundation that has paved the way for the Seahawks’ success.

Persons of Interest: Sherman vs. Thomas -
Taking a closer look at one of the key matchups in Super Bowl XLVIII, Seattle's Richard Sherman vs. Denver's Demaryius Thomas:

Marshawn Lynch reluctantly meets with the media -
Wednesday was Day 2 of Marshawn Lynch Watch as reporters and cameramen crowded around the Seahawks running back to hear what he wouldn't say.

Seahawks to host Super Bowl fan rally at Seattle Center -
The 12th Man is invited to gather Wednesday for a huge rally to show their support at Seattle Center.

Super Bowl is Pete Carroll's shot at redemption -
It wasn't all that long ago that Pete Carroll was written off in the NFL.

Better weather forecast helping ticket market rebound | Seahawks Blog | Seattle Times
Prices for Super Bowl tickets on the secondary market are beginning to inch back up after dropping a bit Monday.

Red Bryant: 'I feel like we’re one of the best' | Seahawks Blog | Seattle Times
Seahawks defensive end Red Bryant, the second-longest tenured player on the team, said today he thinks the Seattle defense is “one of the best” to ever play in the NFL.

Malcolm Smith: Seahawk makes fast tracks despite illness, draft snub | Seahawks | The Seattle Times
Seahawks linebacker Malcolm Smith saw his weight inexplicably drop along with his draft position, but a diagnoses of his disorder has helped make him one of Seattle’s most versatile players.

Malcolm Smith: Seahawk makes fast tracks despite illness, draft snub | Seahawks | The Seattle Times
Seahawks linebacker Malcolm Smith saw his weight inexplicably drop along with his draft position, but a diagnoses of his disorder has helped make him one of Seattle’s most versatile players.

Percy Harvin: 'I’m so excited to play football, be healthy and feel the way I’m feeling right now' | Seahawks Blog | Seattle Times
On Seattle’s second day of media availability Wednesday, receiver Percy Harvin again took a number of questions on his health, and again answered that he feels as good now as he has all year.

Darrell Bevell: 'They’re both students of the game' | Seahawks Blog | Seattle Times
Here are some comments today from Seattle offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, including some comparisons of Brett Favre and Russell Wilson, how Seattle’s offensive coaching staff works together, and more:

Manning recalls free agency as “a public spectacle,” notes consideration from Pete Carroll | Seahawks Insider - The News Tribune
“You can only pick one team to go play for. It reminded me of college somewhat, that you would like to play for a lot of teams. Go play for this team for a year, maybe give this team four or five games and bounce around. It’s not the way it works; you have to pick a team. That seems like a long time ago, that free agency, recruiting, if you will. I remember it wasn’t very private. It was quite a public spectacle. I could have done without that.

2013 vs. 2005: Which is the best Seahawks team ever? | - Sports
Seeing as this is just the second Seahawks team to reach the Super Bowl, the comparisons are inevitable. Throw in the fact that both this year's...

Super Bowl 2014: A lot on the line for several soon-to-be free agents -
Free agency is just around the corner and great performance in the Super Bowl could mean a bigger payday for a few players.

What we learned: Seahawks practice at frenetic pace -
The Seattle Seahawks returned to the field, and had the "fastest" Super Bowl practice that one veteran reporter has ever seen. Gregg Rosenthal has 14 other takeaways from Wednesday.

Peyton Manning is precise in Broncos' first SB practice -
All season Peyton Manning has been disproving the narrative that he can't play in the cold. In his first practice during Super Bowl-week, the Denver Broncos quarterback was on target.

Jonathan Martin says he wants to return to NFL -
Jonathan Martin left the Miami Dolphins in late October. The offensive tackle told Tony Dungy on Wednesday: "I felt trapped, like I didn't have a way to make it right."

Rams plan to hire Gregg Williams as new coordinator -
Gregg Williams is expected to return to St. Louis as defensive coordinator, Ian Rapoport reported Wednesday. Williams was on the Titans' staff this season after a short stint in 2012 as the Rams' DC.

Carroll on drug suspensions: 'We're Seahawks 24/7' -
Seattle coach Pete Carroll insisted Wednesday that the Seahawks have a plan in place to curtail the organization's recent trend of suspensions for performance-enhancing drug use.

Russell Wilson: Spurned savior -
Every step of the way people have doubted Russell Wilson.

NFL Prospect Focus: Storm Johnson and Terrance West | National Football Post
Could one of them be your team's running back of the future?

Why Richard Sherman is good for the NFL | National Football Post
The Stanford graduate will hopefully help shatter some long standing stereotypes.

Shaun Phillips, Cliff Avril on bargain contracts for Denver Broncos, Seattle Seahawks | Audibles -
JERSEY CITY, N.J. -- Since his rookie deal expired after 2006, Shaun Phillips has earned two additional NFL contracts. The first, worth $31 million, kept him in San Diego for six seasons. The second, paying him a mere $1 million, was enough to get him to leave.

For Russell Wilson, avoiding pressure is the key to a Super Bowl win | Audibles -
NEWARK, N.J. -- In the NFL, pressure comes in different forms. For some coaches and players, it's the day-in, day-out grind of the game that eventually strips them down and out.

Russell Wilson will have to step up on third down in Super Bowl 48 | The MMQB with Peter King
Russell Wilson hasn’t been at his best, even while leading Seattle to the Super Bowl. But at some point he's going to have to make a big play on third down against the Broncos. This is how the Seahawks can set him up to succeed

Super Bowl 48: Seattle Seahawks primed for sustained success | The MMQB with Peter King
There may be no NFL team better positioned for sustained success right now than the Seahawks. Not only have they reached the Super Bowl, but with a powerful home-field advantage; a young, deep and talented roster; management and coaching driven to succeed; and one of the country’s richest men writ...

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Scramble: 2013 All-Keep Choppin' Wood Team
Tom: After covering the Superb Owl Prop Bets last week, it is time for the other annual Scramble pre-Super Bowl column tradition, the naming of the annual All-Keep Chopping Wood team. One of the tasks assigned to your Scramble writers is to make a weekly honoring of the award based on Jack Del Rio's motivational ploy turned punter injury. At the end of the year, we then pick a full starting lineup of players who did their most to help their teams not win any games this year, preferably by the combination of their on-field and off-the-field misadventures, the funnier the better.

Difference between Seahawks, Cowboys comes from the draft | ProFootballTalk
Maybe Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has opted to unleash a few significant changes to his coaching staff during Super Bowl week as a diversion to a fairly bright-line comparison between his team and the current NFC champions.

Kam Chancellor used his NFL money to buy his mom a house | ProFootballTalk
Kam Chancellor signed a five-year, $34 million contract with the Seahawks this year, and that allowed him to fulfill a promise he once made to his mother.

NFL Playoffs - Pass protection may unravel Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII - ESPN
Watch any highlight reel of the Seattle Seahawks and you'll likely see clips from the NFC Championship Game win over the San Francisco 49ers, the Monday night win against the New Orleans Saints or blowouts of overmatched teams such as the Falcons, Vikings or Giants. Those are some of examples of the Seahawks at their best, and the Seahawks at their best are a scary, scary football team. But what about the Seahawks at their worst?

Bobby Wagner says Seahawks will hit Broncos if they run “pick plays” | ProFootballTalk
If (when) the Denver Broncos try to utilize "pick plays" against the Seattle Seahawks defense during Super Bowl XLVIII on Sunday, the Seattle Seahawks will be ready for it. The Seahawks' secondary is capable of playing tight man-to-man coverage against opposing receivers.

How Doug Baldwin will cause problems for the Broncos | 100 Yards and Running | Blogs |
He’s short and quick, a playmaker that can line up all over the formation and pin defensive backs on their heels. He can then turn them around full circle or run by them for big plays. He’s not Percy Harvin, however — he’s Doug Baldwin.

Super Bowl Swan Song «
Emotional attachments aside, the NFL is still a business and there are a few players who will be leaving town after Sunday

Peyton Manning, John Elway share a unique bond in Denver - NFL - Don Banks -
With apologies to Richard Sherman and the weather, both of which seemingly inspire endless discussion and debate, there's one topic that captivates me above all others about Super Bowl XLVIII: The numerous and intriguing parallels that link the quarterbacking careers of Peyton Manning and John Elway, unquestionably the two most illustrious names that have anything to do with this game.

Pool report from Broncos practice on Wednesday | Seahawks Blog | Seattle Times
With a stiff wind and chilly temperatures providing a fitting backdrop, the Denver Broncos put on the pads Wednesday with a mission to snap back into a normal practice routine as they progress toward Super Bowl XLVIII.

Pool report from Seahawks practice on Wednesday | Seahawks Blog | Seattle Times
In their first full practice of Super Bowl week, the NFC champion Seahawks worked at a mostly breakneck pace for 90 minutes on the artificial turf inside the New York Giants’ indoor facility and opened five doors around the building attempting to simulate the temperatures they’re likely to feel Sunday. The temperature outside midway through practice: 22 degrees. Inside: 36, a few degrees off the projected temperature at kickoff for Super Bowl XLVII Sunday night.

Seahawks and Broncos Wednesday injury report | Seahawks Blog | Seattle Times
Marshawn Lynch had his usual day off on the Wednesday before a game and did not participate, while Doug Baldwin (hip), Percy Harvin (concussion), and Brandon Mebane (ankle) all were full participants.

Seattle Seahawks Blog - Hawk Blogger: HAWKBLOGGER SUPER BOWL JOURNAL: Touchdown In NYC
My friend Aron and I landed in Newark around 5PM EST. The airport is nice enough, and the people were friendly. I had my eyes on this game for a long time, and so Aron and I have been making decisions all along about the best way to get here. We bought our plane tickets right around when the season started.

Seahawks’ Russell Wilson takes center stage | Seahawks | The Seattle Times

Super Bowl is a chance for Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson to become a star, and not just in Seattle.

Football Writers Are Furious With Marshawn Lynch
Marshawn Lynch hates talking to the media. Hates it. He's skipped enough appearances this season that the NFL threatened him with a six-figure fine if he didn't speak at yesterday's Media Day. Lynch took the podium for just six unconstructive minutes, before retreating behind the scenes. Now the Pro Football Writers of America want his head.

Bobby Wagner is the rock of Seattle Seahawks' defense - ESPN
Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman is the talk of the sports world right now. Free safety Earl Thomas is a candidate for NFL defensive player of the year.

Staffs of Broncos, Seahawks figure to be raided after next season -
Not much is made of brain drain in the NFL, though the phenomenon is very real. Every winter motivated, qualified and bright minds leave one organization for another, with their former employers left to fill the void, and, hopefully, have qualified replacements ready to replenish from within.

How to Build a Stadium that Can Tackle the Big Game
Sports are an integral part of American life and culture. From the frenzy of March Madness to the history of the World Series, nothing brings the nation together like a championship game. And the biggest game of them all is football’s Super Bowl. On February 2nd, the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks will face off under the stars at MetLife Stadium, which we built in 2010 and opened five months ahead of schedule! MetLife Stadium is the third Skanska-built stadium to host the Super Bowl: the Georgia Dome hosted in 1994 and 2000 and Houston’s Reliant Park in 2004.

Bevell confident SB isn’t too big for Wilson | Sportspress Northwest
“There was definitely something,” Bevell said. “When you look at him or you talk to him, I don’t know if it was nerves, but obviously we didn’t function well in those situations. We fumbled on fourth-and one, and then we fumbled another snap, then we came out the wrong way. “There were a number of things late in the last 10-15 plays where we didn’t function as well as we needed to. I’m not putting it all on him because there were other things going on, but we’re still talking about a second-year player and that’s the first time he has been in that situation.”

Collegiate School - Russell Wilson, the Early Years
Think you know everything about Russell Wilson? The 2007 Collegiate graduate who’s achieved rock star status as the quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks has been the subject of incredible media attention over the past couple of years, so if you’ve seen even a small portion of his games, interviews, and advertisements, you know plenty.