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Coffee & Cigarettes: Seahawks links for Friday


Thank goodness it's TGIF Blue Friday, everyone!

Marshawn Lynch: The Beast who says the least | Seahawks | The Seattle Times
Marshawn Lynch has remade himself in Seattle because he appears to have learned from his mistakes and is allowed to be himself with the Seahawks. What that has created is a leader with a physical style. Just don’t ask him to talk about it.

Reporters should take a cue from Marshawn Lynch -
I wish Marshawn Lynch talked more to reporters.

Hot Clicks Q&A: Marshawn Lynch | Extra Mustard -
Marshawn Lynch and Skittles are auctioning off packs of limited-edition Seattle Mix Skittles to raise money for Lynch’s Fam 1st Family Foundation. I spoke with the Seahawks back on Wednesday night to discuss ghost riding at Cal, his dog Ice’s plans for Sunday’s game, and of course, Skittles.

What’s Russell Wilson’s secret to success? Depends who you ask | Larry Stone | The Seattle Times
Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson seems too good to be true, but he always wins doubters over — and just wins.

Colin Kaepernick On Richard Sherman: “Come On”
Colin Kaepernick was in a private room on the sixth floor of a West Side event space, standing in front of a white scrim festooned with corporate logos and posing for photos with a succession of lesser VIPs. He was there as the "surprise guest" of Deadspin's Super Bowl party last night, which is another way of saying he was a paid spokesmodel for the party's sponsor, and he was playing the role to the hilt—fingerless gloves, black trenchcoat, shades with gradient lenses. You can pull off that kind of look when you happen to be Colin Kaepernick. Well, him or Knight Rider.

49ers Blog and Q&A: Kaepernick says contract must be "balanced" against others 49ers want to sign
A loose, lively and talkative Colin Kaepernick sat down with KNBR's Murph & Mac in New York City today to discuss topics ranging from his final, end-zone throw to Michael Crabtree, to Richard Sherman's post-game rant - "absurd," Kaepernick said - to a possible contract extension this offseason.

Super Bowl XLVIII analyst picks favor Seahawks over Broncos -
Enough with the ancillary analysis already! Who's going to win the game: Seattle Seahawks or Denver Broncos? Our analysts offer up their predictions, with one team emerging as a definite favorite.

Scott Enyeart -- January 30
Scott Enyeart -- January 30

Deaf Seahawks fullback surprises hearing-impaired young fans -

Super Bowl XLVIII -- Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson plays for two generations - ESPN New York
At 88 and fighting an uncooperative back in his Virginia home, Dr. Harrison B. Wilson will not make it to Super Bowl Sunday to watch his grandson take on one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. Dr. Wilson will watch Russell on TV, watch him try to go pass-for-pass with Peyton Manning, and at some point he believes he will see his own son out there on the MetLife Stadium field, wearing Seahawks jersey No. 3.

Richard Sherman: Win Over Patriots Proved Seahawks Could Be Great | Seattle Seahawks |
Richard Sherman became a household name on Oct. 14, 2012, when the Seattle Seahawks beat the New England Patriots 24-23.

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson: I'm trying to look at this like any other game
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson talks about how practicing against his own team's defense has helped him improve and also answers why he thinks he's prepared for the big game.

Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch: We win with dynamic plays
Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch and fullback Michael Robinson address the media on which Denver Broncos defender their most concerned about.

What Gregg Williams will bring to St. Louis Rams' defense - ESPN
ST. LOUIS -- The St. Louis Rams and Gregg Williams have agreed to a deal to make Williams the team's defensive coordinator. It's a move two years

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Film Room: Russell Wilson, Again
After Week 13, Wilson appeared to be the last remaining challenger to Peyton Manning's MVP campaign. The Seahawks were 11-1 and Wilson had just led Seattle to a convincing 34-7 victory over the New Orleans Saints. For the sixth time in 12 games, he had completed over 70 percent of his passes on his way to a 357-yard, three-touchdown, zero-turnover display.

Breaking Madden: The Super Bowl, in which the machine bleeds to death -
Seahawks-Broncos ends in the most horrific way imaginable in this season's finale of Breaking Madden.

Seahawks' focus shifts completely to Broncos as media sessions conclude - Jan. 30, 2014
The media onslaught for the players that will take the field at MetLife Stadium for Super Bowl XLVIII is now officially over.

Super Bowl XLVIII prediction: Broncos beat Seahawks, elements -
How will things shake out when the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks meet in the elements for Super Bowl XLVIII? Elliot Harrison makes his pick -- and says a lot depends on Knowshon Moreno.

Super Bowl XLVIII: Broncos, Seahawks fans battle for viewing space at same D.C. bar - The Washington Post
No matter what teams make it to the Super Bowl, there are Washington bars that cater to their fans. On Sunday, Denver Broncos fans will head to Penn Quarter Sports Tavern, as they do throughout the regular season, while Seattle Seahawks fans plan to watch the game at their usual haunt — which also happens to be Penn Quarter Sports Tavern.

NFL JAPAN.COM|【現地レポート】RBリンチ独占インタビュー!

Seattle Seahawks Blog - Seahawks Blog -
Russell Okung entered the NFL in a somewhat tough spot, drafted sixth overall by the team whose legendary left tackle had just retired.

Red Bryant: 'We might run a lot of nickel' | Seahawks Blog | Seattle Times
Seattle defensive end Red Bryant had lots to say today about being the son-in-law of former Seahawk great Jacob Green, what the Seahawks might see from the Denver offense, and more:

Kaepernick has a lot to say about Sherman | Seahawks Insider - The News Tribune
Here it is from Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post: Read more here:

Seahawks are young, but poised | - Sports
Even for Pete Carroll, a coach with vast experience, not to mention the fame, fortune and clout to get into just about any big event he chooses, this ...

Super opportunity for Seahawks' Percy Harvin | - Sports
JERSEY CITY, N.J. — Over and over, Percy Harvin has been asked about a frustrating 2013 season, one that was almost entirely lost to injuries,...

Richard Sherman on PEDs: Guys have to be accountable -
Pete Carroll said he's adopted a "Seahawks 24/7" approach to counter Seattle's rash of drug suspensions. Cornerback Richard Sherman quipped Thursday players have "really embraced" accountability.

Marshawn Lynch hopes to 'run into a lot of people' -
Marshawn Lynch can finally exhale after completing his last media session Thursday. The Seattle Seahawks running back was brief as usual, but didn't depart before dropping a couple quotable gems.

Michael Bennett: Peyton Manning has no 'happy feet' -
Seahawks defensive tackle Tony McDaniel told Around The League that his film study of Peyton Manning revealed a quarterback with "happy feet." Fellow lineman Michael Bennett isn't so sure.

Terrance Knighton now Broncos' chief defensive force -
"He's an athlete. He may have a mass to him, but he's got hands. He's got feet," Rodgers said. "I guarantee you he could probably dunk a basketball back in his day. The guy played wide receiver when he was in high school. I mean, he's just an athlete. That's just his natural god-given ability."

Cam Newton: I will respond to Colin Kaepernick -
Cam Newton was asked if he would respond to Colin Kaepernick's mock-touchdown celebration. Newton said he will respond, then went on to gush about the young QBs he entered the league with.

Percy Harvin: It's been a 'weird, frustrating' year -
Sidelined for all but 40 snaps this season, wide receiver Percy Harvin acknowledged Thursday that it's been a "tough" year in Seattle. The Seahawks playmaker is looking to make things right for the Super Bowl.

Harvin ready to prove worth in Seahawks' quest for Super Bowl title -
Percy Harvin has been invisible in Seattle, but the Seahawks' biggest offseason acquisition can be a difference maker in the biggest game of the season.

Broncos not sure what to expect from Seahawks WR Percy Harvin -
Percy Harvin has played a total of 40 snaps this season -- 38 on offense and two on special teams. Two total games for the man who was traded to the Seahawks from the Vikings in the offseason and then signed a six-year, $67 million contract. Four total reception for 38 yards.

Marshawn Lynch likes his O-line coach because he punches people -
Marshawn Lynch says that Seahawks offensive line coach Tom Cable is his 'type of person' because Cable likes to punch people.

Baldwin, Tate call media demands on Marshawn Lynch 'ridiculous' -
Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman has been accused of talking too much. This week, teammate Marshawn Lynch hasn't talked enough, at least to the NFL's liking.

Danny Trevathan emerges as Denver Broncos' defensive leader | Audibles -
That Danny Trevathan — 6-feet-and-change and about 235 pounds — was smaller than the ideal NFL linebacker came as no surprise to scouts prior to the 2012 draft. But there was another issue.

Colin Kaepernick rips Richard Sherman: ‘He’s afraid of our receivers’ | Audibles -
Richard Sherman has more momentous issues on his plate this week than a verbal joust with Colin Kaepernick, but rest assured that Sherman will file away the heated comments made Thursday by San Francisco’s QB.

How Broncos QB Peyton Manning reads a play | Audibles -
Watching Peyton Manning play the quarterback position is a singular NFL experience. The audibles, the line adjustments, the constant motion of his feet after the snap — it’s all very distinctive and can be incredibly difficult to deal with for opposing defenses.

Seattle Seahawks' 'Legion of Boom' stepped on lines of aggression and forged unusual bond | Audibles -
The Seattle Seahawks’ secondary has managed to be old-school and new-school at the same time — and in all sorts of ways. None of the starters in Seattle’s back four is older than 25, yet they play the game as Mel Blount and Lester Hayes and Jack Tatum did generations ago — with sticky technique, unbridled aggression and supreme confidence. That confidence is backed up by effectiveness and efficiency not often seen in today’s pass-heavy NFL, a league that seems to punish defensive aggression at every possible turn.

Greg Cosell’s Super Bowl Preview: Breaking down Seattle’s play-action bootleg play | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo Sports
We’ve looked at one of the Denver Broncos’ staple plays, the receiver screen to Demaryius Thomas. Now it’s time to break down one of the plays the Seattle Seahawks love to use when they want to take a shot at a big gain: The play-action bootleg with quarterback Russell Wilson.

Greg Cosell’s Super Bowl Preview: Breaking down Denver’s screen pass to Demaryius Thomas | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo Sports
This week we’re going to look at a staple play from each of the Super Bowl offenses, and we’ll start with the Broncos and one of their most important plays, the wide receiver screen to Demaryius Thomas.

Avril: Mebane is “one of the best nose guards in the game” | ProFootballTalk
Defensive tackle Brandon Mebane has been one of the constants of the Pete Carroll era in Seattle.

Adam Gase smarter than Peyton Manning? Either way, his future is bright - NFL - Don Banks -
NEW YORK -- Some things you just have to see for yourself during Super Bowl week, and that's why one of my main objectives was to spend a little time in the vicinity of the guy Peyton Manning claims is actually smarter than him.

The Second Level: What You Need to Know Heading into Super Bowl XLVIII
Former NFL defensive back Matt Bowen goes inside the film room to get you ready for Super Bowl XLVIII in “The Second Level.”

Percy Harvin poised to have big impact against Denver Broncos in 2014 Super Bowl? | Audibles -
It’s unusual for a player to take 39 snaps total in the regular and postseason and still have a potentially monumental impact in a Super Bowl, but Seattle Seahawks receiver Percy Harvin is no ordinary player.

Russell Wilson leads NFL in sales | Q
On Sunday, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson will try to best Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning in Super Bowl XLVIII. But Wilson already has an edge in at least one category.

Seahawks' Pass Rush, Not Legion of Boom, the True X-Factor in Super Bowl XLVIII
The latest NFL news, rumors, scores, schedules, predictions, picks against the spread, free agent updates, power rankings, mock drafts and more

Looking at the Seahawks Offense vs the Broncos Defense - Over the Cap
Yesterday we looked at how the Broncos offense and Seahawks defense played this past season and now we switch the roles focusing on the Broncos defense and Seahawks offense. The scales here are essentially how I do my efficiency ratings except for yardage rather than scores. As a quick example the Broncos passed for an average of 340.2 yards per game against a schedule that allowed just 239.8 yards per game which translates into an efficiency rating of 41.9% which is incredibly high for this type of category.

The Official Super Bowl Preview «
When the coin is flipped and the game actually starts, what will we see on Sunday?

NJ Wins the NY/NJ Super Bowl in a Rout | The Tailgater
This has not been a New York Super Bowl week. This has not been a New York-New Jersey Super Bowl week.