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Coffee & Cigarettes: Seahawks links for Sunday



NFL Prospect Focus: Aaron Lynch | National Football Post
South Florida's sophomore DE made a mistake entering the draft.

Pro days notebook | National Football Post
Who helped their draft stock this week?

Seahawks, 49ers interested in DeSean Jackson, but trade difficult -
The Eagles are finding some trade interest in DeSean Jackson (Seahawks, 49ers), but moving the receiver will be tough because of his salary and cap issues.

Golden Tate was not pleased with Seahawks' contract offer - Pride Of Detroit
Why did Golden Tate sign with the Detroit Lions over the Seattle Seahawks? Seattle apparently did not make a very enticing contract offer.

Photo by jaccpot10
High school days !! Recruiting heavy was Coach Carroll !! Came 2 Lb Recruit one of the best coming outta high school 2005 !!

Report: Seahawks have displayed “interest” in DeSean Jackson | ProFootballTalk
The defending Super Bowl champions are reportedly among the clubs who may be intrigued by Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson. According to Jason La Canfora of CBS, the Seahawks have expressed "interest" in the 27-year-old Jackson, who has been at the center of increasing trade speculation.

Seahawks discussed trade for DeSean Jackson | Seahawks Draft Blog
When a good receiver is made available via trade, the Seahawks nearly always make an enquiry.

Which player best fits where? -
With 48 of our 50 top free agents off the board, Around The League takes a look at where some of the top remaining (and soon-to-be) free agents might land on the open market.

NFL Prospect Focus: Caraun Reid and Dan McCullers | National Football Post
Greg Gabriel breaks down the two defensive tackles.

NFL considering additional protection for defensive players’ knees | ProFootballTalk
When the NFL institutes new rules designed to protect quarterbacks and receivers, defensive players often ask, "What about us?" This year, the NFL isn't considering any new rules designed to protect quarterbacks or receivers -- but is considering a rule to protect defensive players.

Still no Graham grievance, nearly three weeks after tag was applied | ProFootballTalk
It's been nearly three weeks since the NFL's Management Council decided that Jimmy Graham should be treated as a tight end for franchise tag purposes.  To date, Graham has not filed a grievance challenging the designation.

NFL may install cameras on sidelines, goal lines to aid replay reviews | ProFootballTalk
Sometimes when a referee reviews a replay of a close call about whether the ball crossed the goal line, or whether a player's toe touched out of bounds, he ends up announcing that there was no conclusive replay angle, and so the play will have to stand as called on the field.

Which Quarterbacks Produced Peak Years For Their Receivers? —
Some quarterbacks and wide receivers just go together. Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison. Dan Marino and Mark Clayton and Mark Duper. Joe Namath and Don Maynard. John Hadl and Lance Alworth. But quarterbacks play with lots of receivers, and receivers generally play with several quarterbacks. We don’t remember most combinations, but that doesn’t mean they were all unproductive. So I thought it might be interesting to look at every wide receiver since 1950, find his best single season in receiving yards, and record who was his team’s primary quarterback that season.