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Coffee & Cigarettes: Seahawks links for Tuesday

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Jamie Squire


Pete Carroll on Russell Wilson: 'He's just developing' -
"He needs all the attention that everyone else needs, and he's gonna get it," Carroll told's Peter King. "Russell's just a young guy figuring it out. Of course, he applies himself so well that you think that he’s okay. I think that would be a tragic mistake. He's just developing. He's just coming on. He needs work fundamentally. He needs work on the principles of what we're doing."

Monday Morning MD | National Football Post
NCAA athletes as employees could signal the end of college sports as we know it.

Eckel: Three men love NFL draft for wide receivers, so-so for tight ends |
Mark Eckel's weekly Sunday NFL column.

NFC Team-by-Team Notes - Offseason Low Down -
Evan Silva examines every NFC team's offense in his post-free agency, pre-draft NFC Team-by-Team Notes.

DeSean Jackson on Redskins, Raiders, Bills' radar -
Mystery teams: Sources have told ESPN's Ed Werder that two teams yet to be identified are in "deep negotiations" with Jackson's representatives. Among the teams reported to have varying levels of interest before Jackson's release are the San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots.

Taylor looks to get NFL dream back on track in Seattle | Door County Advocate |
Mike Taylor understood why the questions were being asked. Over the past year, the inquiries infiltrated nearly every conversation he encountered.

FBI research is just one method teams will use to investigate DeSean Jackson, former GM says | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo Sports
There were rumors about a rift between DeSean Jackson and Eagles coach Chip Kelly. Tons of speculation Philadelphia wanted to trade Jackson despite his productive 2013 season. A report surfaced about his connections to the Crips. Suddenly, the Eagles released him.

12 For 12s "2 -Months Later", w/Guest, Q13 Fox Sports Director Aaron Levine 04/01 by Double Overtime | Sports Podcasts
Paul Beyer brings his unique combination of X's & O's analysis with 12th Man love for the Seattle Seahawks in this NEW radio show. He will present 12 topics by a 12th Man for the 12th Man. Subject matter will revolve around anything and everything for the Seattle Seahawks. Paul welcomes callers who would like to bring a different perspective to the show. He will do everything possible to list the 12 Topics at least 24 hrs prior to Tuesday @ 7pm PST.

Jared Allen wasn’t going to retire, just wasn’t going to cash checks | ProFootballTalk
New Bears defensive end Jared Allen downplayed the notion that he might retire if he hadn't gotten the right deal. He just wasn't going to play for a bad team.

NFL Prospect Focus: Chris Borland and Jordan Tripp | National Football Post
Keep an eye on these two linebackers on draft day.

Success Of Non-Power Conference Athletes - ESPN Video - ESPN
Phil Savage discusses why players from small-conference schools are being picked higher in the NFL draft.

2014 NFL mock draft No. 7: Atlanta (Clowney), Raiders (Carr) make deals -
The Falcons and Raiders make big moves in this mock first round for players like Jadeveon Clowney, Sammy Watkins and Derek Carr.

All quiet on the DeSean Jackson-Seahawks front -
When the Eagles released DeSean Jackson on Friday, the Seahawks were among the teams analysts pointed to as a potential landing spot for the free-agent wide receiver. Three days later, that initial speculation is the only thing linking the two sides. - Blog 710 ESPN Seattle at

Secondary still a top priority for St. Louis Rams - ESPN
The St. Louis Rams said goodbye to cornerback Cortland Finnegan early in free agency, releasing him in a move that will save them $7 million in salary-cap space. Safety Darian Stewart signed with the Baltimore Ravens. Fellow safety Matt Giordano remains unsigned.

Secondary still a top priority for St. Louis Rams - ESPN
The St. Louis Rams said goodbye to cornerback Cortland Finnegan early in free agency, releasing him in a move that will save them $7 million in salary-cap space. Safety Darian Stewart signed with the Baltimore Ravens. Fellow safety Matt Giordano remains unsigned.

Would Andre Johnson trade to San Francisco 49ers work? - ESPN
There is no doubt the San Francisco 49ers are interested in adding a receiver. They checked in on several during free agency and the position is expected to be an early priority in the May 8-10 draft. So it’s no surprise that in an Insider piece, Field Yates, while proposing five trades that makes sense, explains why he thinks the 49ers should acquire a receiver.

Riddick on DeSean Jackson, Part 2 - Washington Redskins Blog - ESPN
Louis Riddick wasn't surprised by DeSean Jackson's release. He also knows what Jackson would provide a team, having arrived in Philadelphia the same y

Matt Schaub would love DeSean Jackson on Raiders -
Matt Schaub campaigned for the Raiders to sign DeSean Jackson on Monday. But is Schaub the QB best suited to take advantage of Jackson's skill set?

Monday Musings: DeSean no saint, but he deserves better from Eagles -
Chip Kelly isn't saying why he cut DeSean Jackson, and there are worthy reasons, but letting allegations linger about Jackson's rumored ties to gangs is plain wrong.

Looking back at 2009, one of the NFL's most disastrous offseasons -
It's hard to look back at the 2009 NFL season and find many positives. A lockout was on the horizon, numerous misses in the draft class and the majority of new coaching and general manager hires fizzled.

2014 NFL Draft: Auburn's Ford has a proven motor -- and confidence -
As Jadeveon Clowney assumes center stage for his Wednesday pro day, defensive end Dee Ford of Auburn isn't backing away from the boast that he'll outclass the South Carolina star in the NFL.

2014 NFL Draft position breakdown: Defensive line prospects limited -
Kirwan: Defensive-line depth is at issue in this NFL Draft. After pass rushers like Jadeveon Clowney or interior guys like Aaron Donald and Louis Nix, there is some value, but the pool empties quickly.

A Texans draft lesson | National Football Post
Inside the decision behind Houston’s previous No. 1 overall pick.

2014 NFL free agency: Best remaining players aside from DeSean Jackson | Audibles -
The Eagles’ sudden release of DeSean Jackson dropped a star player onto the free-agent market. Aside from him, the shelves have been cleaned out.

Jim Kelly, Buffalo Bills legend, details second battle with cancer | The MMQB with Peter King
NEW YORK — On a high floor of Lenox Hill Hospital Saturday afternoon, Jim Kelly, 54, lay propped up in a hospital bed, his head back, hair matted and tousled, a round of pain meds and antibiotics coursing through his veins. He looked tired.

Emery talks about the secrecy of the Jared Allen talks | ProFootballTalk
No one knew the Bears were negotiating with defensive end Jared Allen. And that's exactly how the Bears wanted it. They managed to keep it completely quiet until the deal was done. Then, for good measure, the Bears kept it under wraps until it was too late for G.M.

Ryan Clark heads to Washington | ProFootballTalk
Veteran safety Ryan Clark has found his new home, and it’s one of his former homes.

Mike Mayock's updated position rankings for 2014 NFL Draft -
Mike Mayock updated his prospect rankings for the 2014 NFL Draft, which features Johnny Manziel supplanting Teddy Bridgewater as the new top-rated quarterback.

Cardinals to sign LeQuan Lewis | ProFootballTalk
Cornerback LeQuan Lewis played his college football at Arizona State University. Now he's heading back to the desert to play as a professional. According to Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun, Lewis is signing a two-year deal with the Arizona Cardinals.

Report: DeSean Jackson to Redskins a “done deal” | ProFootballTalk
The DeSean Jackson free agency tour may turn out to be a short trip. Jackson arrived in Washington to meet with the Redskins on Monday evening in a visit that will continue into Tuesday. According to Tim McManus of 97.

Raiders sign Carlos Rogers | ProFootballTalk
Free agent cornerback Carlos Rogers has landed in Oakland. Rogers visited the Raiders this afternoon, and his signing was announced hours after the visit began. The 32-year-old Rogers has started all 16 games for the 49ers in each of the last three seasons, and he was a Pro Bowler in 2011.

Kenny Britt joins the Rams on one-year contract | ProFootballTalk
Kenny Britt and Jeff Fisher will reunite in St. Louis. Britt, the free agent wide receiver who has played his entire five-year career in Tennessee, has agreed to a contract with the Rams, a league source tells PFT. It's a one-year contract with a $1.

Rams sign Kenny Britt to a one-year deal - Turf Show Times
The St. Louis Rams have a new wide receiver, and he might be ticketed for a big role this year.

Ranking The Almost Dynasties —
A couple of weeks ago, Andrew Healy contributed a guest post titled, “One Play Away.” He’s back at it today, and we thank him for another generous contribution. Andrew Healy is an economics professor at Loyola Marymount University. He is a big fan of the New England Patriots and Joe Benigno.

Is ESPN’s QBR the best measure of quarterback play? —
One of the very first posts at Football Perspective measured how various passing stats were correlated with wins. One of the main conclusions from that post was that passer rating, because of its heavy emphasis on completion percentage and interception rate, was not the ideal way to measure quarterback play. But what about ESPN’s Total QBR, a statistic invented specifically to improve on — and supersede — traditional passer rating?

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | The Contract Year Phenomenon Revisited
The 2014 NFL free agency period is now reaching its close. Amidst the frenzy of player acquisitions and bidding wars that we have witnessed over the past few weeks underlies a question that all teams confront: how well do we know what we are buying?