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Coffee & Cigarettes: Seahawks links for Wednesday

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY


Philadelphia Eagles, Green Bay Packers top divisions in early projected standings - NFL - ESPN
Before all NFC West fans flip out here, remember what I said earlier about how stat projections always end up grouped toward 8-8. Obviously, we don't expect that neither Seattle nor San Francisco will win more than 10 games. But stat projections account for a lot of unexpected possibilities, like "uh-oh, Richard Sherman tore his ACL" or "Blaine Gabbert, starting 49ers quarterback." Plus, these teams are stuck playing six games against each other and another three against AFC West teams that are not Oakland.

Trading future first-round picks: Good to win now, bad to win later? -
We took a look at a decade's worth of trading away future first-round picks to see whether or not it's a good move in the short- and long-term.

What we learned from the Seahawks' rookie minicamp -
One weekend on the job is too soon to offer any legitimate progress report let alone a grade, but after three days of work at Seahawks' headquarters it's time to offer you some lessons learned during Seattle's rookie minicamp as well as some questions that still need to be unraveled.

Packers: Mike McCarthy extension up to Ted Thompson -
Green Bay Packers president Mark Murphy was clear Tuesday in stating how his organization will be run. All football decisions, including extending head coach Mike McCarthy, will start with GM Ted Thompson.

Rice still the 'head honcho' among Seahawks receivers -
Considered the vocal leader of the Seahawks' wide receivers during his first three seasons in Seattle, Sidney Rice apparently hasn't relinquished the role now that he's no longer atop the position's pecking order.

Dan Quinn on KJR-AM: Thoughts on Irvin's role and more | Seahawks Blog | Seattle Times
Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn was a guest on KJR-AM this morning —you can find it here — with some interesting insights on a number of aspects of the defense.

NFL playoffs won't expand this season | Seahawks Blog | Seattle Times
The NFL’s spring meetings are taking place as we speak, and one of the topics that might have interested fans the most — expanding playoffs — is apparently off the table for another season.

Dave Boling: Seahawks’ draft will produce 5 starters in time | Dave Boling | The News Tribune
When an NFL team comes into the draft with a scant six picks and trades out of the first round, it’s natural that commentators and professional evaluators of such things are going to be conservative about the result.

Norwood shines early in Seahawks' rookie minicamp | Seattle Seahawks | The News Tribune
With fellow rookie WR Paul Richardson on the sideline, the Alabama product gets plenty of reps

John Brown in Position to Develop into Stud WR Under Cardinals' Bruce Arians | Bleacher Report
Heading into the draft, analysts were split on Pittsburg State wide receiver John Brown.

Drew Brees: Johnny Manziel faces difficult transition -
Drew Brees believes Johnny Manziel has shown the ability to handle media scrutiny. What Brees isn't sure of is how Manziel would handle the challenges of being a rookie QB in the NFL.

2011 NFL Draft Revisited: Part 2, teams 1-16 -
Looking back at the 2011 NFL Draft, several teams passed with flying colors, while others had a draft they would like to forget

Too much, too soon | National Football Post
Are there too many underclassmen in the draft?

How Jadeveon Clowney can fit Houston Texans' hybrid defensive fronts | Audibles -
One of the more egregious and misleading ideas in the NFL today is the notion that teams playing a 3-4 defense actually play a 3-4 defense most of the time.

Declining Running Back Value in the Draft —
Running backs had a very rough time on the open market this year. To be fair, other than perhaps Chris Johnson, the market was full of question marks, platoon guys, or second stringers. And while players like Johnson and Maurice Jones-Drew were big names, they were devalued because of the “tread on their tires.” After all, we have been told time and time again that running back is a young man’s game, and that’s mostly true.  But one might argue that college running backs should be viewed as substitutes for veteran running backs. If teams are spending less capital on veteran running backs, they would start spending more capital on college running backs.

Houston Texans looking to make 2015 NFL playoffs with rookie coach - NFL - Don Banks -
Getting it right from the start is a big ask for any new NFL head coach, but early success perhaps isn't as rare as it once was in the league. Last year's eight-man crop of head coaching hires featured Philadelphia's Chip Kelly, Kansas City's Andy Reid and San Diego's Mike McCoy all leading playoff teams in their first year on the job, with the Eagles claiming the NFC East title and Chiefs and Chargers earning long-shot wild-card bids out of the AFC West.