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Coffee & Cigarettes: Seahawks links for Sunday

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY


Behind the scenes at the White House
Watch as the Seahawks travel from the Virginia Mason Athletic Center to Washington D.C. to meet the President of the United States.

How did the Seattle Seahawks break tradition at the White House?
Find out what the Seahawks did to break tradition with President Barack Obama as Jeff Darlington recaps the Seattle Seahawks visit to the White House.

Arizona Cardinals' Logan Thomas learning with steady reps - ESPN
Some of Logan Thomas' passes during the Cardinals' rookie minicamp Friday were darts.

5 things to know about Arizona Cardinals rookie camp - ESPN
TEMPE, Ariz. -- With the Arizona Cardinals’ minicamp starting Friday afternoon, the newbies get a chance to work with the coaches on their own.

Post-draft depth chart: quarterback | Seahawks Insider - The News Tribune
The back-end of this group is where the competition is. Russell Wilson and Tarvaris Jackson appear set as the starter and backup, respectively. The questions are about the three guys behind them, two of which were acquired in the offseason.

Post-draft depth chart: Fullbacks | Seahawks Insider - The News Tribune
The fullback is dying. According to Football Outsiders, teams came out with three or more wide receivers on 58.8 percent of plays last season.

Niners' Marcus Lattimore returns to field for minicamp -
San Francisco 49ers running back Marcus Lattimore was back on the practice field for rookie minicamp drills on Friday. Find out how Lattimore looked in his return from knee injuries.

Second year spotlight: NFC North | National Football Post
A look at some players who are ready to break out.

Fixing the QBs: Solving the vertical passing game with Teddy Bridgewater | Audibles -
The combination of Teddy Bridgewater and Norv Turner in Minnesota brings together two people who have faced their share of criticism in recent times.

With starting job for the taking, Ja’Wuan James hones his technique | ProFootballTalk
Sometimes, first-round picks aren't rushed into the starting lineup. Take, for instance, Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles, who's ticketed for a backup role in his first NFL season.

Predicting This Year's NFL Surprise-Impact Rookies | Bleacher Report
First- and second-rounders are seemingly expected to make an impact as rookies regardless of their position. As top-64 picks, fans and teams alike look for these players to produce at high levels, as they’re treated almost like free-agent signings rather than rookies entering their first year as professionals.

How to Project Receiving Yards in 2014 (FBG) —
Last year, at, I looked at the best starting point for wide receiver projections. Well, I’ve re-run the numbers and come up with the best starting point for wide receiver projections in 2014.

Rant Sports: 5 Biggest Seahawks Rumors Heading Into OTAs " CBS Seattle
Fresh off Seattle's first Super Bowl title, the Seahawks are gearing up for a run at back-to-back championships this season. Rant Sports has compiled five rumors surrounding the team as OTAs commence at the VMAC.

Is Patrick Peterson a Better Cornerback Than Richard Sherman? | FiveThirtyEight
Looking at their component stats, there’s no area where Peterson beats Sherman: Since 2012, Peterson has allowed a higher completion percentage (53 percent to Sherman’s 49 percent) and a much higher touchdown percentage (7 percent to Sherman’s 2.8 percent). Peterson also has a lower interception percentage (5.4 percent to Sherman’s 11 percent) and a much higher Adjusted Yards per Attempt figure (6.3 to Sherman’s 2.9). Even if you subscribe to the theory that a good cornerback’s primary value is in preventing passes from ever being attempted — which I do — opponents threw at Peterson once every 11.8 snaps, and at Sherman once every 13.7 snaps.

Seahawks’ sixth-round pick Garrett Scott has rare heart condition | Seahawks | The Seattle Times
Garrett Scott, an offensive lineman from Marshall, is expected to be paid most or all of his rookie salary and signing bonus despite a heart condition discovered during his physical exam.

Classy Seahawks sign draft pick before having to cut him due to heart condition | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo Sports
Friday's move by the Seahawks was a little peculiar because it involved them cutting a sixth-round pick just a few weeks after the draft, but ultimately it'll be a line in the transactions page most people will read and instantly forget.