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Coffee & Cigarettes: Seahawks links for Saturday

Jeff Zelevansky

Weekend, y'all.

Seahawks Broncos SuperBowl Rematch Most Expensive Tickets On NFL Preseason Schedule
While July 4th is celebrated across the country for historical significance, for football fans it’s a celebration of what’s to come. After the July 4th weekend, football fans only have four more Sundays endure without football. Starting on August 7th, football officially returns to the stadiums across the country in it’s pre-season form. While many fans dismiss pre-season football as an unsatisfying imitation of the real thing, it’s still an opportunity for fans and pundits to analyze, dissect and pontificate about on-the-field results. For 2014, that excitement is showing up on the secondary market with pre-season ticket prices that are 9.3% higher than last year. There are also more games with an average price above $100 than any of the last three years since we’ve been tracking the pre-season market.

The 5 most efficient NFL offenses in the past 10 years | Football Savages
Last season, the majority of discussion on offensive prowess was directed at Denver’s aerial assault on the record books, and nearly every other team went unnoticed. Sadly, one of those teams was the San Diego Chargers, led by Philip Rivers, Ryan Mathews (one of the last of a dying breed, a first round running back), an aging Antonio Gates, and a collection of disregarded pass catchers like Danny Woodhead, Eddie Royal, and Keenan ‘4.71 40’ Allen. Nobody mentions this group with the 2011 New Orleans Saints or 2007 New England Patriots, but maybe they should.

NFL's backward salary system hurts elite players like Jimmy Graham - NFL -
Tony Gonzalez, one of the best tight ends of all time, should know: NFL's salary system is unfair to players at certain positions. Ask Jimmy Graham.

Donte Whitner insults Bills fans, challenges Darryl Talley to box -
There are fireworks coming from Donte Whitner's Twitter feed.

Fact or Fiction on Latest NFL Offseason Rumors, Speculation and Opinions | Bleacher Report
Have you heard? Of course you have. But what does it mean? Rumors of any kind are part of everyday life. Who doesn’t like a little gossip?

Ranking NFL's Best Remaining Free Agents Ahead of Training Camp | Bleacher Report
Being a free agent in July is a situation that no NFL player—at least one who intends to continue his career in the league—wants to be in.

Larry Fitzgerald: Cardinals focused on winning the NFC West | ProFootballTalk
"We always talk about winning the NFC West," Fitzgerald said. "That’s our goal first and foremost, getting to the playoffs. We did a good job after the bye week, finishing 6-2. Obviously it wasn’t good enough to get us into the tournament but we finished strong and were able to execute more efficiently down the stretch."

Former Raiders player: Al Davis "would have loved" to move team to Las Vegas | ProFootballTalk
The Raiders — in Las Vegas?

Best AV-Weighted Winning Percentages of Defensive Players and Hall of Famers —
Yesterday, I looked at the best AV-weighted winning percentages of offensive players. Today, we examine the same numbers but for defensive players and kickers since 1960. Again, players who entered the league prior to 1960 are included, but for purposes of this study, only their 1960+ seasons count (assuming they produced at least 50 points of AV). That’s a pretty important bit of detail to mention when it comes to the top player on the list. The player with the best AV-adjusted winning percentage since 1960 is Packers linebacker Bill Forester, who entered the NFL in 1953 but only gets credit for his 1960-1963 seasons in Green Bay (spoiler: those were pretty good ones). After him, of course, we have yet another Patriots lineman. Today it’s Vince Wilfork:

ADP First Look: Undervalued - Draft Analysis -
We can’t underestimate how important Average Draft Position (ADP) is when preparing for the greatest day on the fantasy calendar. It’s the hand that guides us through the draft, forcing us to reach in some instances and shy away in others.

NFC West Preview: San Francisco 49ers - Turf Show Times
With a little less than four weeks until the start of training camp, there might not be a better time to take a look at the forthcoming season...