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Seahawks Advanced Stats

The Seahawks tight end trio is an elite group in the NFL this season

Seahawks still have an elite receiver, but it’s not DK Metcalf

After watching the wide receiver clinic this past weekend, Metcalf isn’t measuring up.

Geno Smith has the best CPOE since... Russell Wilson

PFF is Geno Smith’s new playground

A new wrinkle in the Brooks vs. Queen vs. Wagner debate

NextGen Stats does not rank Jordyn Brooks as a top-10 off-ball linebacker.

Seahawks defense quickly rising up DVOA rankings after terrible start

From almost the worst to almost average!

Good Offense, Bad D: What history has to say about the Seahawks’ conundrum

The Seahawks defense is a giant express lane into Pointsville

Seahawks have the two fastest players in Week 4, and Metcalf wasn’t one of them

Seahawks offense is struggling to score, but not in all the ways one might have expected

Here’s how bad the Seahawks defense has been at getting off the field

Tackling continues to be a problem for Seahawks defense

Seahawks offense passed more than probably anyone expected

Evidently the Seahawks are also bad at special teams

An inside look at Russell Wilson’s Next Gen Stats

The Seahawks offense is terrible on 4th down (until they aren’t)

Checking in on the Seahawks’ DBs after the first 3 weeks of the season

The perilous nature of the Seahawks’ all or nothing offense

The Seahawks’ 2010-2012 drafts were historically great

Bobby Wagner ranks fifth in ESPN run stop win rate

Michael Dickson, unsung hero

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Do the Seahawks have a 3rd down problem?

Remember when the Seahawks were good on early downs?

Seahawks’ offensive DVOA is about the same as 2019, so how are they #1 in scoring?

Russell Wilson’s 3rd down numbers are shockingly terrible

The Seahawks defense is squandering great field position

In search of Chris Carson’s missing efficiency

Field Gulls asked, Football Outsiders answered!

Yes, the Seahawks spent a lot of 2019 playing from behind

2013 Seahawks ranked as team of the decade

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Are the Seahawks Moneyball-ing the NFL? - Part I

A data-driven look at the best drafting teams in the league.

DVOA rankings: Seahawks have elite offense, and uh... yeah! Elite offense!

What routes is DK Metcalf running so far as a rookie?

Russell Wilson, Tyler Lockett moving up DVOA as Seahawks climb

Chris Carson has led the improvement in the Seahawks ground game

The ESPN offensive line stats — that praise the Seahawks?


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