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Seahawks Advanced Stats

Evidently the Seahawks are also bad at special teams

An inside look at Russell Wilson’s Next Gen Stats

The Seahawks offense is terrible on 4th down (until they aren’t)

Checking in on the Seahawks’ DBs after the first 3 weeks of the season

The perilous nature of the Seahawks’ all or nothing offense

The Seahawks’ 2010-2012 drafts were historically great

Bobby Wagner ranks fifth in ESPN run stop win rate

Michael Dickson, unsung hero

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Do the Seahawks have a 3rd down problem?

Remember when the Seahawks were good on early downs?

Seahawks’ offensive DVOA is about the same as 2019, so how are they #1 in scoring?

Russell Wilson’s 3rd down numbers are shockingly terrible

The Seahawks defense is squandering great field position

In search of Chris Carson’s missing efficiency

Field Gulls asked, Football Outsiders answered!

Yes, the Seahawks spent a lot of 2019 playing from behind

2013 Seahawks ranked as team of the decade

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Are the Seahawks Moneyball-ing the NFL? - Part I

A data-driven look at the best drafting teams in the league.

DVOA rankings: Seahawks have elite offense, and uh... yeah! Elite offense!

What routes is DK Metcalf running so far as a rookie?

Russell Wilson, Tyler Lockett moving up DVOA as Seahawks climb

Chris Carson has led the improvement in the Seahawks ground game

The ESPN offensive line stats — that praise the Seahawks?

FootballOutsiders: Frank Clark has the potential to be great

FootballOutsiders: Breaking the narratives on Russell Wilson and Doug Baldwin

FootballOutsiders: What to expect in the future of OL evaluation

FootballOutsiders: Russell Wilson is a good fit for Brian Schottenheimer

FootballOutsiders: Thomas Rawls, Eddie Lacy were historically bad

A treatise on the punter’s contributions to the defense

The Seahawks settled for fewer field goals in 2017

Despite memorable misses that yanked away several wins, Seattle’s execution at the end of drives wasn’t as poor as you might believe

Seahawks rank as one of the worst rushing teams in NFL history

Subtracting Russell Wilson’s ground yards, 2017 is just depressing

Measuring Russell Wilson’s value

What have only Russell Wilson and Lawrence Taylor accomplished?

Seahawks couldn’t “establish the run” because there’s no such thing

Is there any evidence establishing the run actually works?

DVOA chickens come home to roost

The statistical context around Russell Wilson shifts from "He has too much help" to "Get him some help!"

Seahawks were more efficient rushing than passing against Cowboys

Against a stingy Cardinals run defense, Russell Wilson will have to be a lot more dynamic throwing the ball than the dismal showing last week

Frank Clark’s dominance of Byron Bell keys Seahawks to victory


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