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Seahawks vs. Rams: Coaches, players talk ball


Here's a roundup of pressers and interviews from the past couple days.

Richard Sherman Week 8 Press Conference
Richard Sherman talks about the Ram's receivers, the key to playing on the road and making an impact in the game.

Russell Wilson Week 8 Press Conference
Russell Wilson talks about his ability to extend plays, Percy Harvin's return to practice and the Ram's strengths.

Dan Quinn 10-24
Softy is Live from the VMAC and he is joined by Seahawks Defensive Coordinator, Dan Quinn. Quinn gives us a rundown of the Seahawk's defense and who he thinks has been the most impressive Seahawk so far.

10-23 Darrell Bevell
Mitch wasn't at the VMAC today, however he managed to get Hawks OC Darrell Bevell to phone in and talk about Percy Harvin and MNF @ St. Louis

Darrell Bevell Week 8 Press Conference
Offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell comments on the return of wide receiver Percy Harvin and talks about Monday night's matchup with the St. Louis Rams.

Pete Carroll Week 8 Thursday Press Conference
Head coach Pete Carroll provides an update on the availability of wide receiver Percy Harvin and looks ahead to Monday night's matchup with the St. Louis Rams.

Bob and Groz Show - Podcasts -
Seahawks tight end Zach Miller joins "Bob and Groz" to recount his touchdown catch in Arizona and explains what it has taken for him to understand and know how quarterback Russell Wilson plays. Plus, Miller reacts to the return of fullback Michael Robinson and explains why he will make a big impact on special teams.

Michael Robinson 10-24
Michael Robinson chats with Softy about being back in the locker room and having a chance to play on Monday Night Football.

Doug Baldwin 10-24
Doug Baldwin talks with Softy about the arrival of Percy Harvin and his impact on the Seahawks offense.

BONUS: Jacson joined Rams Addiction for a preview podcast.

Rams Addiction Podcast, Episode 40: Seahawks at Rams Preview | RAMS ADDICTION
Mike and Anthony preview the monday night matchup against the Seahawks with Jacson from