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Seahawks running backs coach Sherman Smith on Marshawn Lynch, Robert Turbin, playcalling & more

Jay Drowns

Seahawks' running backs coach Sherman Smith was on with Softy yesterday afternoon and had some pretty damn interesting things to say. For one, he started out by essentially throwing cold water on the idea that Christine Michael is above Robert Turbin on the depth chart, noting that the only way that Michael is going to get a significant amount of carries early on is if either Marshawn Lynch or Robert Turbin gets hurt. He emphasized how much he likes Turbo and how well he played last year, and seems excited about what he can do in 2013.

Smith goes on to talk about Marshawn Lynch (most talented back he's ever coached, and Smith coached Eddie George), Russell Wilson and the Seahawks' offense, and interestingly, he talked about the split play-calling duties shared by Tom Cable and Darrell Bevell. We've had this question for quite a while, and Smith shed some light on the protocol. Smith:

"Going into the game, we have a run list. And, I think what Cabes (Tom Cable) does is - as we practice throughout the week, we have the runs that we want in certain personnel groups. So, going into the game - well the first fifteen (scripted plays), those have already been decided - so, that's Cabes saying 'here's what I want', and so then, after we get past those runs, now there's that run list that Cabes has put together, that, you know, Darrell will ask him, "Ok, what do you want?" So, I think they both work together on that - Darrell talking to Tom, and Tom saying 'here's an adjustment we're going to make', so those guys work so well together in calling the plays, that you know, it's unreal. The continuity they have, and Darrell understanding what Tom wants, and Tom speaking to Darrell about what we want to do."

So, Darrell Bevell literally asks Tom Cable what run to call after the first 15 plays are done?

"So, like I said, there's a list. Certain personnel, this run, that run, and usually, the way it will work is, it may be something that Tom will say, "I want you to stay away from this, don't use this yet", then that means that Darrell knows he can run everything else. But they're definitely communicating about what runs to call in certain situations, no doubt about it."

Listen in:

Sherman Smith 6-10 - Seattle's live and local sports station
The Seahawks Running Backs Coach joins Softy with his take on coaching Marshawn Lynch, Lynch being absent at OTA’s, drafting Christin Michael, the role of Robert Turbin, the improvement of the offensive line, the expectations for this years team, and more Seahawks news.