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Paul Moyer talks Kenny Easley, the Legion of Boom

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Former Seahawks defensive back, coach, and now-broadcaster Paul Moyer joined the Brock and Danny show the other day and had some interesting things to say from a historical point of view and pertaining to Seattle's current defensive backs group, the Legion of Boom.

Moyer talks a lot about how smart the guys around him were during their heyday - they set a record for most turnovers in 1984 - and how that made them the best secondary in the league. He talks about those smarts and how important they are for defensive backs - something he says the Seahawks definitely possess, with Richard Sherman being the perfect example.

As Moyer put it, in an article from 2007.

"I saw it before it was happening," Moyer said. "As soon as the ball was snapped, I was 90 percent sure where the ball was going."

That sounds like Sherman, who, as Moyer points out, almost never gets beat on a double move because he studies route progressions and route combinations so closely; this was something Moyer and the Seahawks' great DBs group from the 80's took a lot of pride in.

Part of it came from a survival mode brought on from stepping into the same secondary with All-Pro strong safety Kenny Easley, Pro Bowl cornerback Dave Brown and free safety John Harris when Moyer arrived as a free-agent rookie in 1983.

"Paul knew the academics of football," said Robinson, who joined the Seahawks in 1985. "But when you're around those guys, you have to study. You have to know what you're doing. "You could not step into that secondary and not know what was going on, or they would absolutely humiliate you."

Again, sounds like Seattle's current unit, and the historical comparison is interesting. Give it a listen.

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Seahawks broadcaster Paul Moyer joins "Brock and Danny" to breakdown the Seahawks' secondary. The former Seahawks cornerback also explains the advantages of having tall cornerbacks and also gives his take on the potential of the defense improving upon last season's performance.

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