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Dave Krieg, Dave Wyman take a trip down memory lane

Dick Raphael-USA TODAY Sports

Seahawks' legend Dave Krieg was on 710 ESPN's Wyman, Mike and Moore show late last week and I forgot to post it up here so I'm doing it now. It's a pretty fun listen - Dave Wyman and Krieg shoot the shit about their playing days together and if you're into that kind of thing, well then, here you go. They also talk a bit about the current Seahawks team and Russell Wilson and such. Anyway, I enjoyed it.

Wyman, Mike and Moore - Podcasts -
Former Seahawks QB Dave Krieg joins fellow Seahawk linebacker Dave Wyman and Michael Grey live in studio. The guys reminisce about their days as a Seahawk and look ahead to this NFL season. Dave thinks that even though QB Russell Wilson had a spectacular rookie season, the Seahawks identity is still all about running the football.

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