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Seahawks training camp interview, presser roundup

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Here's a roundup Interviews and press conferences from the last week.

Tom Cable -
Assistant head coach and offensive line coach Tom Cable joins "Brock and Danny" to give his impressions on the team's offensive line after one week of training camp. Cable explains what fundamentals the group needs to improve upon along with offering his thoughts on offensive lineman James Carpenter's physical development as a player. The third-year coach also comments on rookie running back Christine Michael's training camp performance so far and offensive tackle Russell Okung's choice to run with the bulls.

Wyman, Mike and Moore - Sidney Rice -
Seahawks wide receiver Sydney Rice takes time out from the second day of training camp to talk about what it’s like to go up against the Seahawks’ vaunted secondary in practice, and explains why Russell Wilson lives up to the hype.

Bob and Groz Show - Podcasts -
Seahawks defensive end Cliff Avril joins "Bob and Groz" to discuss the differences between the Seahawks and his former team, the Detroit Lions. Avril also talks about the unique practice atmosphere at the VMAC and the injury and depth concerns on the defensive line.

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Wyman, Mike and Moore - Doug Baldwin -
Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin thinks the Seahawks have the most talented receivers in the NFL. Baldwin can't wait to get the season started and he says the crowd at the VMAC practices and the music helps replicate a game day atmosphere.

Bob and Groz Show - Mike Rob -
Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson joins "Bob and Groz" from the VMAC and says he has never been on a team with this much preseason hype. He also says the Hawks are going from "the hunter" to "the hunted". He also breaks down the differences in training camp with the new CBA.

Brock and Danny - Russell Wilson -

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson tells "Brock and Danny" how this training camp is different than last year's. Wilson also talks about his offseason and the degree to which Seattle's offense features the zone read.

John Clayton Show - Podcasts -
Seahawks safety Earl Thomas joins "The John Clayton Show" to discuss how the secondary has evolved with experience. He also explains how Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner make his job easier.

John Clayton Show - Podcasts -
Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Sidney Rice joins "The John Clayton Show" and expresses how impressed he is with Percy Harvin's work ethic and how much he enjoys having Harvin as his teammate.

7-26 Red Bryant
Seahawks defensive line man Red Bryant joins Mitch live from the VMAC.

7-25 Golden Tate
Mitch is live at Seahawks training camp so of course WR Golden Tate needs to stop by to chat

7-26 Kam Chancellor
Safety Kam Chancellor of the Seattle Seahawks stops to talk with Mitch, who is live from the VMAC.

7-25 Bobby Wagner
Mitch is live at Seahawks training camp so linebacker Bobby Wagner stops by to chat

7-29 Tarvaris Jackson
Furness caught up with Tarvaris Jackson at training camp over the weekend. Why did he want to come back to Seattle? What does he think about Russell Wilson?

7-26 Doug Baldwin
Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin joins the Furness Show to talk about competing at camp and how players handle the off season. He then talks about the Seahawks offense and defense and how the addition of Percy Harvin changes the dynamic of the receiving corps.

7-26 Earl Thomas
Hawks safety Earl Thomas, minus his dreads, joins the Furness Show to talk about camp and the upcoming season.

7-25 Michael Bennett
Michael Bennett joins the program after the Seahawks first training camp practice. He explains how Russell Wilson is different than most young quarterbacks. What about Richard Sherman? How is the team handling offseason expectations?


Darrell Bevell Training Camp Press Conference
Offensive Coordinator Darrell Bevell talks with the media following the third practice of Seahawks training camp.

Dan Quinn Training Camp Press Conference
Defensive coordinator Dan Quinn talks with the media following day three of Seahawks training camp.

Russell Wilson Training Camp Press Conference
Hear from QB Russell Wilson following the team's fourth training camp practice.

Pete Carroll Training Camp Press Conference
Head coach Pete Carroll addresses the media following the third day of practice at Seahawks training camp.

Brandon Browner Training Camp Press Conference
Cornerback Brandon Browner talks with the media after day two of training camp and acknowledges the pay raise he received from the club this offseason.

Russell Wilson Training Camp Press Conference
Quarterback Russell Wilson talks with the press following day one of Seahawks training camp at Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

Cliff Avril Training Camp Press Conference
Pass rusher Cliff Avril fields questions from the media following day two of training camp.

Tarvaris Jackson Training Camp Press Conference
Backup quarterback Tarvaris Jackson address the media on day two of training camp.