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Greg Cosell breaks down Super Bowl XLVIII matchup, NFC Championship game

Jonathan Ferrey

The Midday180 Radio Show in Nashville, TN regularly has Greg Cosell on their show, and I thought that this interview was worth passing on.

January 22nd: Greg Cosell interview with Tennessee radio

A few notes:

- Cosell thinks Seattle's nickel defensive line is one of, if not the best in the league.

- Seahawks will be in their nickel defense most of the game to combat the Broncos' constant use of '11' personnel (3WRs), and that unit will cause problems for Denver's offense.

- He said he wouldn't be surprised if Seattle takes shots downfield against Denver's secondary on early "run" downs because their secondary isn't very strong and because their interior linebackers are very aggressive against the run.

- He said it wouldn't surprise him if Seattle goes back to the read option a little bit to establish Russell Wilson as a runner.

- Seattle 'not a good passing team', 'very limited passing concepts', but low passing volume is by design and the offense flows through Marshawn Lynch.