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Super Bowl XLVIII bye week: Richard Sherman press conference (also Russell Wilson & Pete Carroll, but mostly Richard Sherman)

Christian Petersen

If you're on the twitters or paying attention to the radio, you might've heard about Richard Sherman's insightful, interesting press conference from today (Wednesday). Sherman addressed a lot of things - the big win over San Francisco, the Xs and Os behind defending Peyton Manning and the things a cornerback has to do to prepare to play a quarterback of that caliber, and of course the exploding national story about his reactionary and impassioned interview with Erin Andrews on Sunday. (Which, actually was take-two after he said pretty much the same thing to FOX Deportes, but apparently no one watches that channel).

Here's Richard Sherman hugging Erin Andrews before scaring everyone and offending their delicate sensibilities:

Anyway, his presser today is definitely, definitely worth a listen.

Richard Sherman #SB48 Bye Press Conference

Also, if case you missed it, Sherman apologized for the reaction that it all caused, because the shitstorm it created (my words) has taken the focus off of the Seahawks' great performance.

Oh, and also some other people talked.

Russell Wilson #SB48 Bye Press Conference
Russell Wilson talks to the media about the first time he met Kam Chancellor, the opportunity to play in the Super Bowl and the way the team is preparing for the game.

Pete Carroll Monday #SB48 Bye Press Confernce
Pete Carroll talks to the media about the Seahawks win in the NFC Championship game against the 49ers, updates on player health and looks ahead to playing the Broncos.

Darrell Bevell #SB48 Bye Press Conference
Seahawks Offensive Coordinator Darrell Bevell talks about Percy Harvin being at practice, the difference between Russell Wilson and Peyton Manning and the preparation for the Super Bowl.