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Earl Thomas, pissed off for greatness

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Former Ravens' scout Daniel Jeremiah was on with Softy yesterday to go along with this excellent Earl Thomas interview (and Davis' interview), and one of the things that stood out was the story DJ told about the absolutely crazy intensity that Ray Lewis brought to OTAs, training camp, practice and games each and every day. You've seen Lewis play - "pissed off for greatness" is the only way to describe it, and if you've seen Ray Lewis do interviews you'd know that this intense mentality carries over into his daily life.

Earl Thomas is absolutely this presence for the Seahawks, and as Earl says, he talks to Ray Lewis several times a week during the season. I'm not sure I can overstate how important Earl's leadership has become for Seattle's lockerroom and on the field. He absolutely sets the tone - he's got a love-based 'pissed off for greatness' vibe to him, but his work ethic and total dedication to the cause is contagious.

While you're listening to this interview below, be thankful that he's one of the main leaders of the Seahawks' franchise. Be thankful that Seattle will almost certainly be locking him up long-term this season.