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Seahawks Rookie Mini-Camp: Pete Carroll talks ball

Carroll talks about what he'll be looking for at the Seahawks' Rookie Mini-Camp.

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Pete Carroll joined the Brock and Danny show on 710ESPN this morning before heading out to day one of Seattle's rookie mini camp, and had a few interesting nuggets to share.

-- LEO Benson Mayowa is up to 267 pounds or so, fifteen pounds heavier than what he was listed at last year, and this is interesting in the fact that it's heavier than the generally accepted LEO archetype might call for. Perhaps Seattle is looking to add a little size to their LEO player or perhaps Mayowa is thought of more as a strongside end now. It will be interesting to see.

-- Carroll mentioned that TE Luke Willson is up six or seven pounds this year and looking very well built. Willson was listed at 251 last year, so as he edges closer to 260, his added size and ballast means he becomes that much more versatile as an in-line blocker with the long-speed to get up the seam in a hurry.

-- Carroll name-checked DE/LB Jackson Jeffcoat as a very exciting player to watch in camp this year, adding that he looks just as solid as any of their draft picks thus far (thus far = in shorts and shirts, running around). Carroll recalled that they had recruited him heavily to USC as a prep, and he was a guy they thought would eventually end up as a "number one" pick when he would head to the NFL. "Number one pick" is a term that could mean "number one overall," but many coaches use it synonymously as a 'first-round' pick, so perhaps that's what Carroll meant. Either way, he obviously regarded him very highly, and believes that he's a guy that they think they can use in their system effectively.

Brian McIntyre pointed out that Seattle gave Jeffcoat a $15,000 signing bonus to come to Seattle as a UDFA, which is a pretty hefty chunk of their $80,000 budget. Jeffcoat is definitely one to watch -- he's a very high pSPARQ tester at 132.7, or 5th in the draft at that position, and Football Outsiders' SackSEER metric is very high on him as well. Sleeper.

-- PC noted that RB Christine Michael is in excellent shape, as is OG James Carpenter, who is the lightest he's been since he's been with the team. He said that Cassius Marsh will play in the Michael Bennett role, and that they plan to beef him up from the 260 pounds he's currently at.

Listen in:

UPDATE: Here is Carroll's post-practice presser: Pete Carroll Rookie Minicamp Press Conference