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Bobby Wagner, Korey Toomer, Heath Farwell, Zach Miller and more talk ball

Here's a quick roundup of some radio interviews from the past week or so that you might've missed.

Jonathan Ferrey

Bobby Wagner with Softy:

Heath Farwell with Softy:

Golden Tate:

Korey Toomer with Wyman, Mike, and Moore:

Zach Miller with Bob and Groz:

Keith Price:

O'Brien Schofield:

O’Brien Schofield: ‘You’ll Hear My Name’ " CBS Seattle
"I can play both," Schofield said of playing outside linebacker and defensive end in his NFL career. "But this year, from what I understand, I’m going to solely be focused on playing with my hand on the ground, so I am excited about that. "I promise you, you’ll hear my name."

Mike Rob:

Joe Staley: