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Tom Cable on Seattle's offensive line progress

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Cable joined the Mitch Levy show on Thursday morning and had some interesting things to talk about. A few notes:

-- Cable is very excited about what a healthy and more confident James Carpenter will bring to the left guard position this year.

-- Cable was very proud of what the Seahawks were able to do in 2013 considering all of the injuries that they had to work through. He said that the big thing to improve on in 2014 is to cut back on the sack numbers allowed.

-- Cable said that right now things are still up in the air at right tackle, but Justin Britt is going to be giving Michael Bowie a run for his money (my words).

-- Cable talked for a while about what it takes to run in his system, a system that has been around since 2006 and has consistently produced some of the top running teams and running backs in the NFL. He said, essentially, that if you do it right, it will treat you well -- but it takes a lot of discipline to execute. They don't just turn around and tell the guy to go do his thing, it takes specific reads, relies on rules, and necessitates precision.

-- Cable downplayed the Marshawn Lynch situation and threw water on the Christine Michael hype, calling him, more or less, just another guy in their system.

-- Cable talks about how excited he is to get his Super Bowl Ring and how excited he is to go and try to get that 2nd one.

Listen in.