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Jordan Babineaux breaks down the Marshawn Lynch situation

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Big Play Babs joined the Dave "Softy" Mahler show on Friday afternoon and talked about Marshawn Lynch's potential contract hold-out, confirming that this is indeed a money issue for Beastmode. Babs noted that Marshawn wants a "small token of appreciation" from the team and that he's not even necessarily even looking at 2015 -- he's focused only on this upcoming 2014 season.

Babineaux did not throw water on the idea that Lynch will retire (though Babs did say he doesn't think Lynch is done earlier this week), noting that Lynch has that type of personality where you never really know what he'll do. He did predict that Lynch will be absent from Seattle's mandatory minicamp next week.

Babs said he talked to Marshawn on Friday morning and the Beast was on his way to yoga class.

Listen for yourself: