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Tom Cable breaks down positional battles, running back group

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Cable joined the Brock and Danny show on 710 ESPN this morning, and talked about the Seahawks' upcoming minicamp, the offensive line, and the running backs groups.

Here are a few notes of what Cable talked about:

- The rise in the spread game in college means offensive linemen come in to the NFL without the necessary skills for the pro grame. Some are only used to playing two-point stances (standing up on the line, flat-footed), and have some issues knocking people off the ball (in the run game). But, on the flip side of that, they're exposed to things in that offense that the NFL is moving to.

- The battle with Michael Bowie and Justin Britt for the right tackle position is going to be the best battle he's had since he's been here in Seattle. Said that Bowie has some weight/conditioning issues that he'll need to take care of, and that Britt is really pushing him.

- Marshawn Lynch being gone over the past few weeks has been a positive for Robert Turbin, Christine Michael etc. Cable believes that Turbin has taken his game to another level. When asked whether they'd feel comfortable if Lynch was gone (before it was reported Lynch will attend camp), "Absolutely!" He talked about how Justin Vargas ran for 1200+ yards in their system in Oakland (alluding to the idea that it's more about the system than the player -- if a runner does what he's supposed to do, they'll get production). He cares about ball security and doing your job more than anything.

- Turbin has "stopped stomping snakes" with his feet, said you can't be a good runner if you're doing too much with your feet. Christine Michael has gotten better at knowing what he needs to do in the system outside of running the football.

- "Confidence" is the big word when it comes to James Carpenter now as compared to the last few years. Said that it's now been a year and a half process to get him back from his knee injury, and admits they didn't handle it well. Carp's playing a different level and pace than he's done in the past.

- Cable said the real competition is as to who can be the best between J.R. Sweezy and James Carpenter. Calls Sweezy one of the best young guards in the game, thinks he'll prove that this year to fans. It's not a competition at this point as to who will start at each guard spot, it's who's the best of those two.

- Said that injuries will be a big factor this year. Would love to see five guys emerge and stay healthy for the most part.