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Dan Quinn: It's all about tackling

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn joined Mitch Levy this morning to talk ball. Listen in:

Among the topics Quinn addressed:

- How do the Seahawks get better? Fundamentals, better tackling. Can we tackle better? Can we play faster in our pressure package? Can we be more detailed in our drops, in our coverage? Quinn went through season with each player, talked to them about what they did well, brought up what they can get better at.

- Seahawks were #1 in YAC last year, per Quinn. Again brings up tackling, and how important it is.

- One of the best things about Seahawks is how tight the players are. Elite competitors that will go after each other a little bit, but they're still very close friends so it works.

- Jeron Johnson has had a great spring. They knew he was good on teams, but he's really stepped up and has played really consistently in their OTAs and practices.

- Dan Quinn talks about Mike Morgan a lot. "Wouldn't bat an eye" if Mike got into the game.

- Quinn brings up Jordan Hill as a guy that is ‘next man up'. Also brings up Greg Scruggs.