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Seahawks Replay Booth

A closer look at Justin Britt: The Center

Is he better at C than he was at G or T?

Can Tharold Simon be better than Richard Sherman?

Seahawks Replay Booth: Kam Chancellor vs Minnesota

The bottom line is that Seattle needs Kam to return to form against Carolina and beyond if they’re able to advance in the playoffs.

Seahawks Replay Booth: A salute to protection

Taking a look at how the Seahawks have protected Russell Wilson.

Seahawks Replay Booth: Russell Wilson has changed

There's no arguing now that Russell Wilson has turned a corner in his development as a quarterback, particularly when it comes to his trust in and ability to throw from the pocket.

Seahawks Replay Booth: Darrell Bevell schemin'

Taking a look at the offensive gameplay the Seahawks employed vs. the Vikings.

Seahawks Replay Booth: Working the M.O.F.

Jimmy Graham has definitely changed the Seahawks offense.

Seahawks Replay Booth: Wilson to Lockett

"We got beat on that long pass early on. That hurt us bad." - DT Arik Armstead

Seahawks Replay Booth: Jimmy Graham's blocking

"Blocking is an attitude."

Replay Booth: Russell Wilson to Jimmy Graham

Thank god we don't have to hear any more Jimmy Graham is pissed about his role in the offense storylines this week.

Putting the option back into the read-option

Why it's important for Russell Wilson to re-establish himself as a running threat

Breaking down Frank Clark's big premiere

Breaking down Frank Clark's standout plays vs. the Broncos.

Seahawks Replay Booth: Manipulating the defense

Use your head, shoulders, knees, and toes.

Russell Wilson's deadly day

The Seahawks have probably never had a better performance on third down than they did last week against the Panthers.

Dez Bryant's controversial call: Was that a catch?

The most talked about play from Sunday's slate of games is most certainly going to be the catch that wasn't. But did the league actually get it right? Let's review.

Seahawks Replay Booth: Players, formations, plays

How can Pete Carroll, Darrell Bevell and Tom Cable utilize their players, formations, and plays to exploit mismatches and confound defenses?

Seahawks are closing out games over the last month

That killer instinct is back.

Don't tip your hand to Michael Bennett

In which we discuss the importance of film study, and the terror that is Michael Bennett...

Seahawks Replay Booth: Textbook zone blocking

Breaking down a key run for the Seahawks in Sunday's game against the Niners.

Have 'Hawks recaptured their Super Bowl identity?

Taking stock on how well Seattle has done in recapturing their Championship formula...

Redzone execution key for Hawks down the stretch

Seattle's offense needs to sharpen execution in the redzone in order to give themselves an edge over the final four weeks.

How the Seahawks Beat the 49ers, Part One

In which Frank Gore can't run. Colin Kaepernick can't read. Chris Borland exercises a fixation. Earl Thomas phases in and out of our dimension. And Russell Wilson's a bad bad man.

Marshawn Lynch and the Seahawks' complete run game

Who needs to be the second-half MVP to finish the year strong?

Seahawks Replay Booth: Just how you 'draw' it up

See what I did there? This is about a draw play.

The most encouraging stat from Hawks' loss to Rams

The Seahawks had their best day on 3rd down this year against the Rams, going 6 of 12 (50%).

The Offense In A Snap: Jermaine Kearse's TD catch

Taking you through the mechanics of an offensive play using two streams. One, my audio track posted on YouTube, and two, an audio-less clip of the play in question.

Does Wilson's pocket presence hurt the Seahawks?

Russell Wilson's mobility is one of his greatest strengths, but is he bailing on plays too early?

How Antonio Gates scored a hat trick on Seattle

Dictating matchups.

When keeping it real goes right

The Seahawks may be at the forefront of the NFL's change toward spreading it out, but they can still line up in their heavy run sets and come at you.


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