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Russell Wilson Vow

Measuring Russell Wilson’s value

What have only Russell Wilson and Lawrence Taylor accomplished?

Where does Russ fall in Sando’s latest QB Tier rankings?

There you are, Wilson

Nine games into the season, Russell wasn't looking so hot. 11 games into the season, everything seems just fine.

RW's 5 Most Ridiculous Stats

Or facts, or whatever.

Wilson contract short but powerful

Wilson is making more than Aaron Rodgers ... kind of.

32-year-old man writes to Russell Wilson

With a financial incentive to boot.

Russell Wilson: The Fan Effect

And is it for better or worse?

Russell Wilson is good when it's cold

And the playoffs wouldn't happen every year without him.

Russell Wilson flashback

Memories. Well, memories for those of us that saw the 2008 Bowl.

Russell Wilson out-rushes these guys

A more notable list than you might expect.

Sunday Run-day

Hey, these are pretty fun! What a fun day-- I mean run day.

Quarterbacks mostly struggle on the road. Mostly.


Do stats put Wilson in tier 2?

Besides the tears rolling out of my eyes over this injustice.

Russell Wilson throwback video

And the grainy VHS video with timestamp to prove it.

What I'd do with $1.5 million

Russell Wilson deal might have a deadline

But if it doesn't, it's going to be a long, long wait.

Russell Wilson has more touchdowns than ...

Not a bad start for the Seahawks starter.

Russell Wilson and Zionism

Great stuff.

Russell Wilson Staturday

One of the best appearers ever!

Rules. Owns. Ills.

It's right there in the name.

Carroll comment provides hope (Not really)

He's crucial! (Like everyone else.) Maybe it happens! (I don't know.)

Teams that would ante up: Browns

Oh hell yeah they would. Ever heard of Spergon Wynn?

Doesn't Lynch benefit from Wilson too?

Synergy. It's the name of the game.

Stupid Tweets Monday: Get "payed"

Another look at a world I don't want to live in.

Wilson sounds like "Will Sign"

I hope he "will sign" today!

Russell Wilson Staturday

Wilson has had to change his game around every season so far.

Teams that'd pay Wilson: Buffalo

If the Seahawks wouldn't ante up, who would?

Russell Wilson's name says it all

It's been right in front of our eyes all along.

5 nice things about Russell Wilson

Wilson wants some more money. He can make a pretty good argument that he deserves some.

The Russell Wilson news that really matters

Contract negotiations? Not at a time like this.

Stupid Tweets Monday

Stop tweeting, everyone.

Russell Wilson already being paid like Dan Marino

He's lucky to be playing in the NFL at the time that he is. Be blessed with that, Russ.

Russell Wilson, Independence Day post

I have a dream that he will, at least.

Greedy Wilson wants to be paid among top 40 QBs

Wow. The nerve of this guy.

Russell Wilson wants at least $1.5 million

Who said he was greedy?

My Russell Wilson pledge to you

The vow you never asked for.


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