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The Numbers Game

Seahawks expected to have one of most experienced offensive lines in NFL in 2019

How do this year’s historic NHL and NBA title winners measure up to the NFL?

How predictable was the Seahawks offense in 2018?

The myth of using the run game to get to third and manageable

Looking at third and manageable for the Seahawks in 2018

How the Rams ran all over the Cowboys after the Seahawks couldn’t

For Seahawks, a little schedule luck certainly wasn’t unwelcome in 2018

The ESPN offensive line stats — that praise the Seahawks?

Russell Wilson got the ball out quick against Dallas

What would you pay to keep Earl Thomas

In defense of running in the NFL in 2018

Tracing where it first went wrong for Seahawks in 2017

A variety of moments could have changed Seattle’s fortunes this season, from injuries to salary struggles but all those consequences unite in the accident to their top draft pick

Identity Shift: Seahawks experiment with a cleaner style of play, for once

Seahawks 53-man roster forecast: Everyone gets traded edition!

Readying for next move, Seahawks free cap space with Doug Baldwin’s contract

As it shops for reinforcements elsewhere before Saturday’s deadline, front office converts most of Pro Bowl receiver’s $7 million base salary into prorated bonuses, opening more than $5 million

Who is even on the Seahawks’ defensive line anymore?

With so much circulation going on amongst the front four, taking stock of who’s coming and going and still on the team

The Seahawks had never won when rushing as rarely as they did Monday

“We don’t have to run the football to win games,” says Pete Carroll.

We Were Wrong: Things we thought we knew but didn’t

In which we look behind, and ahead, at how the mischievous game of American Football scrambles our puny expectations

Seahawks 53-man preview and the Tyler Lockett kickoff conundrum

Making the second-year receiver feel a little less special (teams)

What it would take for Tanner McEvoy to make the team

The 6-foot-6 former Wisconsin safety provides everything Pete Carroll wants, except more room on Seattle’s deep roster

Seahawks offense is great despite minimal spending

The Seahawks have a top five offensive unit despite being bottom-4 in offensive spending.

Does Michael Bennett have a legitimate contract gripe?

This situation is special.

Does running lead to losing?

Jason Drake goes maverick on the prevailing wisdom of his fellow stat geeks.

Schneider's Strategum: The running back draft

The Seahawks drafted a lot of running backs. The rest of the league, not so much. Who got it right?

Salary cap hits for the Seahawks' draft picks

A quick note on Seahawks' rookie cap hits.

Don’t Walk: Stability and the Seahawks receivers

Rookies? Where we’re going we don’t need rookies.

Seahawks 2016 salary cap space update

How much cap space do the Seahawks have?

How much cap space do the Seahawks have?

Ballparking Seattle's current playing money.

Is Kam Chancellor underpaid?

A breakdown of the NFL's strong safety market.

Starting o-lines under Pete Carroll

They want Okung back, but they aren't panicking.

Comparing Thomas Rawls to other out-of-nowhere RBs

How does Rawls stack up against the Arian Fosters, Alfred Morrises and Ahmad Bradshaws of the world?

Narrative Check: Rams Gonna Ram?

Installment two in this offseason examination of popular narratives.

The Seahawks salary cap outlook for 2016

NFL Salary Cap 2016: How the Seahawks revolutionary cap management transformed the league

More evidence Thomas Rawls is the real deal

It's been clear that Seahawks running back had one hell of a rookie season, but asPro Football Focus' Mike Clay pointed out today, it might have been even more impressive than we even thought.

Seahawks contract decisions ranked: Part II

You've seen the worst, now see the first.

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Clarifying the Seahawks' Salary Cap standing

Spotrac and Overthecap give some different figures for the Seahawks' current cap space. They're both right, but neither is useful until you interpret it in terms of what happens once the season starts.


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