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2013 NFL Draft Results: Seahawks' 20-man rookie class age/height/weight/speed


Hope you can find this helpful as a printable reference tool in the future.

It is interesting that this is not a very long (height and arm length) class of rookies as compared to some previous Seahawks' classes, but it does have very explosive athletes. If you take out the OL and DTs, the 13 remaining players have a vertical leap between 33.5 and 43 inches, with an average for the group of 36.3 inches. Pretty impressive.

Other things I noticed: the bench press numbers were generally impressive aside from perhaps Tharold Simon and Jordan Roussos. The agility numbers for the linebackers does not look good except for John Lotulelei. Lotulelei also has long arms and big hands. Matt Austin is a bit overaged, and has small hands, but does have impressive impressive speed at almost 6-2.

We will see how good of "football players" these guys truly are in the upcoming months and years, which is all that really matters. But generally, the class looks very explosive in terms of their speed, vert and bench press numbers.

If you're able to dig up the numbers that I've highlighted in yellow below, let me know and I'll add to the spreadsheet.