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Seahawks projected 53-man roster, with salary cap figures for 2013-2014


I created a "Pro Forma" 53 Man Roster for the Seahawks' 2013 season, with salary cap figures for 2013 and 2014. This is not the current roster, which has 90 players, of which the NFL requires that you count your 51 most expensive players toward your offseason salary cap. This spreadsheet shows who I think will make the final 53.

Green signifies the rookie contract is estimated, but not final (actual contract will be within a thousand dollars, so no material delta).

- Pink signifies an upcoming Restricted Free Agent.

- Yellow signifies an upcoming Unrestricted Free Agent.

- Blue means the player was originally drafted by the Seahawks, or was signed originally by Seattle as an Undrafted Rookie.



A few notes:

(a) I think Brady Quinn will be the backup QB in 2013 because of his work with Russell Wilson in the film-room, and I think Jerrod Johnson lands on the practice squad.

(b) Probably the most controversial call on this sheet is placing Spencer Ware in Michael Robinson's spot. Robinson is very popular, and Ware is currently only 218 pounds and has no fullback experience. That being said, Robinson has zero dead money if cut, as he received no signing bonus on his current deal. His current deal pays him $2.5M. Regardless, I will say this: the Seahawks CAN keep Robinson and Paul McQuistan and roll $6M into 2014, and it would require cutting Heath Farwell, Chris Maragos and Clinton McDonald. This may be what ends up happening. That being said, I am leaning toward Ware making it and Robinson not making it.

(c) In terms of WR, I think the 6th WR roster spot will be based on a battle between Stephen Williams, Matt Austin, Jermaine Kearse and Phil Bates. Perhaps Brett Swain and Charly Martin get in the mix too. I give the nod to Kearse due to special teams experience, but it is no lock. It would be exciting for sure if someone else could unseat him.

(d) I think McQuistan makes it because the Seahawks walked out of the draft without a backup Left Tackle. I think Michael Bowie may take Mike Person's spot, and Ryan Seymour takes Lemuel Jeanpierre's spot.

(e) Red Bryant isn't going anywhere - his cap figure jumps up $3M if he is cut this year. I went with Jaye Howard making the team, especially after Greg Scruggs tore his ACL. I picked Tony McDaniel over Clint McDonald because it sounds like Jordan Hill becomes the backup NT and McDonald costs $1.323M vs $620k for McDaniel. Both McDonald and McDaniel are Unrestricted Free Agents in 2014.

(f) I think the Seahawks keep 7 D-Lineman and 3 LEOs, for a total of 10 Defensive Line of Scrimmage Players (and 10 Offensive Line of Scrimmage Players).

(g) I think the Seahawks are rooting for Korey Toomer and John Lotulelei, and perhaps Craig Wilkins to take Farwell's spot, which would save the club about $800k-900k in cap after dead money.

(h) The backup safety situation is underwhelming. The Seahawks have had a hard time landing a good free safety backup because by the time the Seahawks look to draft one, all the good ones are as good as starters on other NFL teams. I am pretty underwhelmed by Maragos, Jeron Johnson and Winston Guy, to be honest. Perhaps Ray Polk can show some good things. Hopefully, the Seahawks can nail a good backup free safety in the 2014 draft somewhere around the 5th round.

(i) I had to cut a Cornerback to make the 53 man numbers, and I went with Byron Maxwell. Just a hunch, but I think the cornerback depth situation is far from set in stone. Notice there are three unrestricted corners in 2014 if Walter Thurmond, Antoine Winfield, and Brandon Browner make the final 53 - and I think they all will.

(j) I came across the Seahawks Salary Cap around $137.2M due to rollover and "adjustments" - so I used that figure to calculate the rollover room. Winfield will likely hit his $1M bonus based on playing time, so the cap room is actually only $8.4M when you factor that into the equation.

(k) Lastly, look at how "blue" the Roster is getting (originally-drafted 'native' Seahawks) -- I LOVE IT.