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Seahawks 3rd down notebook: Explosive, but not enough chances vs. Chargers

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Part I on the Packers game is here.

The Seahawks had eight 3rd down opportunities versus the Chargers in Week 2. In a typical game, the Seahawks face about twelve of those situations. Seattle didn't have the ball enough as the offense would score quickly, and the defense struggled to get off the field. Regardless, they converted three of eight third downs (37.5%).

Here's a table outlining those situations:


The Seahawks were actually rather explosive on the three conversions they did make versus San Diego. They hit a 30 yard redline ball to Jermaine Kearse on the opening 3rd down (3rd and 5). Percy Harvin ran for 51 yards for a touchdown on a toss on 3rd and 1 in the 2nd Quarter. In the 3rd Quarter, Wilson tosses the ball into the left flat to Lynch on 3rd and 5 (in the red-zone) for a 14 yard touchdown.

The Seahawks faced three near-impossible 3rd down situations:

*A 3rd and 19 where Marshawn Lynch ran for 5 yards in the 2nd Quarter. 

*A 3rd and 15 where Russell Wilson ran for 13 yards in the 4th Quarter (Sweezy False Starts on 3rd and 10)

*And, the last series the Seahawks had, an ill-fated 3rd and 12 where Seattle was in a 4-down situation trailing late, Wilson completed a dangerous pass to Lynch for 1 yard. 

They had two other "normal" 3rd down situations: A 3rd and 8 on the opening drive, in which Wilson took a sack with a mistake on protection, and a 3rd and 5 In the 3rd Quarter, which the Seahawks failed to complete with a OPI on Doug Baldwin declined by San Diego.

Again, like Green Bay, not a great 3rd down performance by Seattle, but not awful either. The Seahawks put up a decent, and rather explosive third down performance, considering the long yardage they faced and the limited number of opportunities they had at it.

Stay tuned for the Denver analysis in the next post,,,


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