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Seahawks 2014 Offense: A quick look at final statistics

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2014 NFL regular season now in the books, here are some tidbits on the Seattle Seahawks' lesser known unit...


-- 9th in Total Yards at 375.8 per game
-- 6th in Yards Per Play at 5.9 (with all that rushing)
-- 11th on 3rd downs at 42%
-- 10th in Points at 24.6 per game


-- 1st in Rushing TDs with 20
-- 1st in Rush Yards Per Carry at 5.3
-- 1st in Rush Yards per game at 172.6
-- 2nd in Rush Attempts at 32.8 per game (Texans had 34)
-- 3rd in 20 yard+ runs with 17 (Only Forsett and Murray had more)
-- 1st in 40 yard+ runs with 6


-- 3rd in Interceptions (Fewest) with 7
-- 27th in Pass Yards Per Game at 203.1
-- 32nd (dead last) in Pass Attempts per game at 28.4
-- 6th in Yards Per Attempt at 7.7
-- 8th in Traditional Passer Rating at 95.1
-- 22nd in Passing TDs with 20