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NFL Free Agency 2014: What recent deals mean for Earl Thomas & Richard Sherman

Otto Greule Jr

The two biggest priorities for the Seahawks this offseason are likely a push to re-up Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman. Both of these All-Pro players are Unrestricted Free Agents after the 2014 season. Some recent contracts in the last few days may give us insight into their next deals.


Some recent cornerback deals may give us some insight into Sherman, but to be honest, I think the real number is what Darrelle Revis makes on his next deal, which could come soon (he was released on Wednesday). Other relevant recent contracts that provide some sort of floor for Sherman would be

-- Vontae Davis (4 years, $39M, $9.75M per year from IND), $20M in guarantees.

-- Aqib Talib (6 years, $57M, $9.5M per year from DEN), $26M in guarantees

I think when it is all said and done - Sherman will earn about $12M per year with about $30M in guarantees.


I think it is pretty simple, the floor for Earl's next deal is Jairus Byrd's recent deal with New Orleans.

-- Jairus Byrd (6 years, $54M, $9.0M per year from NOR), $28M in guarantees.

I think when you look at this deal, Earl Thomas will get $10-11M per year on a 6-year deal, with over $30M in guarantees.

Do I think the Seahawks will pay these rates for Earl and Sherman? Yes, I do.