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Seahawks Roster: Age, cap, & draft information for the defense

This team is young. Very young.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

If you missed the offense, find it here: Seahawks Roster: Age, cap, & draft information for the offense


Attached is a breakdown of the Seahawks' defense as it stands on day one of the Rookie Mini-Camp, which runs this weekend.

A few notes: Some of the players I have designated as cornerbacks may actually be hyrid cornerback/safeties, and there may also be some differences in how I look at a "LEO" versus a linebacker. Nonetheless, all 43 players are on this list with all the draft, cap and age information I could find.

All cap figures are per, and the drafted rookies salaries are taken from their "draft salary slot" from that website. There may be some slight discrepancies in the undrafted rookies' actual contracts versus projections, since we don't have the signing bonus information for all of them, but those UDFA signing bonus changes are minor and immaterial.

The Seahawks currently have 11 corners, five safeties, 10 linebackers, five "LEOS", and 12 defensive linemen on their roster. Perhaps Bruce Irvin is truly a linebacker, and perhaps I should lump Cassius Marsh into the defensive linemen category, but how they are clumped won't change anything about them regarding their age, cap or draft information.

Drafted players have been annotated with yellow, and the UDFA players have been notated with orange. If a player is an unrestricted free agent in 2015, I have shown that in blue.


The 2015 UFA situation is pretty manageable when you consider that Heath Farwell, O'Brien Schofield, A.J. Jefferson, and Phillip Adams are not locks to make the roster.

There are really only five players that I feel are "locks" on defense this year that will hit free agency in 2015: Byron Maxwell, Jeron Johnson, K.J. Wright, Malcolm Smith and Cliff Avril. I think they will likely do a deal with K.J. Wright and Cliff Avril and let the other three walk. Brandon Mebane could also be a cap casualty in 2015. Right now I show about $54M committed for 2015 on defense, with a $65M budget. This leaves about $16M+ for three to five rookies, Avril, and Wright, but it would come at the expense of Mebane. I will publish more details on this next week.

Lastly, notice how young the Seahawks' defense remains, how many defenders started their career with the Seahawks (32 of 43), and how many undrafted players are on this roster (20 of 43 defenders).

Once the 53 man roster cuts come -- I could still see six defenders on the roster who began their NFL career as an undrafted rookie, and perhaps four players on the offense.