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Seahawks red-zone study

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

Jordan Plocher, also known as Starving Scout, a College Scout with GM Jr. Scouting and contributor for The Football Educator, recently put together another amazingly detailed report on the Seahawks' offensive red-zone tactics and strategies.

As Plocher notes:

This report of the 2013 Seahawks' red zone offense presents some of my charted data and will provide an idea of what the Seahawks do, how they do it, and who they do it with in the red zone. The report is broken down in to five sections; play calling philosophy, pass targets, carries, tendencies by personnel grouping, and a conclusion. Below are my findings.

"Sea-ing Red" - 2013 Seattle Seahawks Red Zone Report: Part 1

"Sea-ing Red" 2013 Seattle Seahawks Red Zone Report: Part 2

In it, Jordan charted every offensive play call in the Red Zone, which is considered here to be from the opponent's 25 yard line to the Goal Line. For comparison sake and to look at trends, Jordan did the same for the 2012 season and he charted every Seahawks Red Zone snap from 2011 as well.

Check it out.