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Home sweet home: Seahawks return to CenturyLink to take on the Broncos

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Seahawks head into Week 2 with a 1-1 record and face off against one of the NFL's best teams: their Super Bowl 48 opponent Denver Broncos. While it's certainly too early to label anything a "must-win" game for Seattle, heading into the bye after losing two out of their first three games would be ... rough. So, this is a big game, and would be a big win for the Hawks against a quality opponent.

Fortunately for Seattle, they return home after enduring reported 120 degree on-field temperatures in San Diego last week; the weather report shows a cool 86 degree high on Sunday, and the Hawks will have a raucous 12th Man at their back. Home sweet home.

The Seahawks have won 16 of their last 17 games at CenturyLink, and have outscored opponents 512-221 in that time -- that's a +291 point differential, which is tops in the NFL over that period. They've forced 42 takeaways over their last 17 home games (1st in the NFL), for a +25 turnover margin (1st NFL). The CLink homefield advantage is real.

Per the Seahawks' official gamebook:


A big part of the advantage comes from crowd noise -- not only is it an emotional boost for the Seahawks to have 60-odd thousand fans cheering for them, it aids the defense in getting a quick jump on the snap so they can rush the passer, and it creates issues with communication for the opposing offense.

The oft-cited false-start record is still intact.


Of course, as SB Nation points out in naming CenturyLink Field the loudest NFL stadium, "Last season, the team set a Guinness World Record as the loudest outdoor sports stadium, with the crowd noise registering at 137.6 decibels during a win over the New Orleans Saints on Dec. 2. To put that number in perspective, a jet engine 100 feet away is about 140 decibels. The noise generated by the crowd was loud enough to trigger a minor earthquake in the region, per a local research group."

The Seahawks will be hoping that the 12th Man can get that place rocking on Sunday.

Richard Sherman wrote yesterday, "This week is going to be a battle but I am looking forward to playing at the Clink again and putting on a show for you 12's! Sunday's game presents an opportunity for this team to turn it around and get back on track. The Broncos are going to bring the noise to the Clink and try to get rid of the bad taste that was left in their mouths from the Super Bowl. I hope you 12's are just as ready as we are for this one!"