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Seahawks roster projection with salary cap numbers

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Here is the quick roster and cap projection on the Seahawks (offense, defense, specialists), barring new contracts. The cap number info comes from the excellent

Roster projection:






-- I think if Tory Slater does not make the roster (very possible), then DeMarcus Dobbs would take that slot.

-- I've got Paul Richardson on IR for 2015. =

-- I could also see Lem Jeanpierre make the 53 man roster, with Kristjan Sokoli on the practice-squad, or perhaps Seattle keeps 10 offensive linemen.

-- One of Cooper Helfet or Anthony McCoy could be the odd-man out if Seattle chooses to keep fiver running backs, perhaps Thomas Rawls or Rod Smith.

-- *Had a spreadsheet error in the WR section and was missing a salary; it's now fixed