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Seahawks advance in NFL Playoffs by beating Redskins 24-14, will play Atlanta next Sunday

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Still alive.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The Seahawks struggled early to stop the Redskins' potent offense, and quickly found themselves in two touchdown hole before the 1st quarter was over. The Seattle defense, a unit that averaged 15.3 opponent points per game on the year, surrendered two quick touchdown passes by the inimitable Robert Griffin to fall behind 14-0, and panic mode set in for many of us.

The Redskins would fail to score again though, and Seattle chipped away at Washington's early lead, slowly and methodically, notching a field goal, then a touchdown on a nice play-action pass to Michael Robinson, then another field goal just before the half to head into the lockerroom down 14-13.

Seattle's defense clamped down on a severely hobbled Robert Griffin and the Redskins offense, and the offense dominated the 2nd half in terms of yardage and time of possession, but failed to take the lead until 7:08 in the 4th quarter with a brilliant Marshawn Lynch 27-yard run out of the read-option. Zach Miller had a great game as well, and caught a big pass on the following 2-point conversion, giving the Seahawks a 21-14 lead.

On the subsequent posession, Robert Griffin's already weakened knee gave way as he went to recover an errant snap, and the rookie of the year candidate left the game as Seattle recovered it. After hitting a field goal to take a 24-14 lead, Seattle upped the pressure against RG3's replacement in Kirk Cousins, blitzing him heavily, and Washington was unable to get much in terms of offensive momentum back.

The Seahawks finished with 380 total yards on offense, including 224 yards rushing, and won TOP 34:20-24:40. The Redskins finished with only 203 total offensive yards, 104 of which came on the ground. Despite what seemed to be a dominant performance on paper, Seattle finished a paltry 1 for 6 in the redzone, and only 1 for 3 in goal to go situations; this includes the Seahawks' first possession of the 3rd quarter, in which Marshawn Lynch fumbled away the football at the 2-yard line.

Russell Wilson finished 15-of-26 for 187 yards passing, one touchdown pass, and no picks. Robert Griffin and Alfred Morris looked excellent in the first quarter but both struggled mightily the rest of the way, and Griffin in particular was a shell of himself for the rest of the game before going out with a knee injury early in the 4th; per ESPN Stats and Information, Griffin was 6-9 for 68 yards and 2 TD in 1st quarter, 4-11 for 16 yards the rest of the game.

Seattle will now travel to Atlanta to play the top-seeded Falcons, next Sunday at 10AM PST. Hold on to your butts.