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Seahawks beat Rams: The Legion of Boom comes through

Andy Lyons

The theme for our Call of Duty campaign is Teammates of the Week and after last night's game, it's easy to give that honor to the Legion of Boom.

Earl Thomas played up to his 'MVP caliber player' billing by Jon Gruden and legitimately quarterbacked the Seahawks' defense to a win. He had ten tackles and a pass defensed, and Bruce Irvin credited Earl with pointing out, pre-snap, the Brian Quick wheel route that was headed his way.

Earl, from what I understand, is as hard of a worker in the film room as Richard Sherman and Russell Wilson are famously known to be, and this study is showing up on the field this year. Tipping Irvin off to the Rams' impending route is the perfect example.

Thomas has also improved his tackling - both in form and in the angles he takes, and saved a couple of potentially big plays by the Rams with excellent technique and anticipation on Monday. One of the most important stops came late in the game as the Rams were driving to try and take the lead. Daryl Richardson found a gap in the defense and looked to have a route to the endzone from the four yard line, but Thomas came up at lightning speed and put Richardson on the ground. There are plays in every game where you literally gasp at Thomas' speed and closing ability - it's fun to have this guy on your team.

The rest of the L.O.B. cannot be overlooked, though. Richard Sherman had a pick, which he returned 38 yards to the Rams' 26. He fought back after getting a good shot in the ribs, and finished with a strong performance. The only big gain I can remember him giving up was on a brilliantly designed pick/rub route from stack that the Rams ran with Tavon Austin - Sherman allowed the reception but the concept was pretty much unstoppable. Overall, I thought Sherman played well.

Brandon Browner had a nice game too - his defense on Brian Quick on the final play was understated but integral. Past that, Walter Thurmond had a great corner blitz for a sack. Seattle's secondary held Kellen Clemens to 158 yards on 48% passing, which is exactly what you'd hope for. They tightened up when they really needed to as well - in the redzone, with the game on the line.