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Seahawks vs. Broncos: Know your enemy - 5 questions with Mile High Report

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In the run-up to tonight's matchup with the Broncos, I traded some scouting reports with Mile High Report's David East. Here's what he had to say about his team - my questions in bold, followed by his answers. Big thanks to David for getting me these answers, and check out my answers over at Mile High Report! They should be up there soon.


1. How long can Seahawks' fans expect to see Peyton Manning and the Broncos' starters out there in this one?

Last week Peyton Manning was out after the first series and the rest of the starters left soon after. I believe Manning may get two maybe three series this game. You won't find many starters in after the first quarter either.

2. There have been some rumblings during the offseason that Manning's arm weakened over the final couple months of the season. Is there anything to this claim, and how has Manning looked in camp?

It wasn't the final couple months of the season, but it was true for the final game against the Ravens. The weakened arm strength was primarily because of the horrid cold. Manning's arm has actually become stronger this offseason because he was still rehabbing last year. It was very noticeable during camp, his passes flew with a bit more of a zip and he was not afraid to make any throws. Even the receivers have noticed that Manning's arm strength has improved.

3. What are some positional battles that have intrigued Bronco fans? Any rookies looking to be factors on offense or defense?

As far as positional battles go, strong safety is a bit interesting. Duke Ihenacho, an second year undrafted guy out of San Jose State, has made waves in camp and as well as in the first preseason game.

The running back position in theory is up for grabs, however many believe Ronnie Hillman will hold on to the starting job.

The rookies to watch are Montee Ball, Sly Williams, and Tavarres King. Montee Ball should get a lot of carries with Moreno and CJ Anderson out. Sly Williams was the Broncos first pick so he'll be looking to impress. Lastly, Tavarres King, a fifth rounder out of Georgia, will be battling it out for the last receiver spot on the team.

4. Which two or three players are you most interested to watch in this one and why?

One player who has really stepped up from last year so far is defensive end Malik Jackson. He was a rookie last year who saw a bit of playing time, but it seems to have clicked for him this year. John Elway named Jackson as the most improved from last year to this year.

A fan favorite is also in the making with Duke Ihenacho. Nacho has beening killing it in camp and fans love to see him hit field with his tenancity. Ihenacho has a lot of Brian Dawkins in him.

5. Are there any major schematic changes in the works on offense or defense?

There's always something cooking with Peyton Manning and Jack Del Rio. They showed a bit of the pistol offense in the first preseason game. We'll see what else they have in store tonight.

Big thanks again to David for the scouting report. Head over to Mile High Report for more on the game.

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