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Seahawks beat Raiders 22-6: Quick reactions

A few quick thoughts.

Otto Greule Jr

The Seahawks beat the Raiders 22-6 Thursday night, capping a 4-0 preseason while recording their ninth straight preseason win. So, that's ... that's something. At worst, it implies this team has some solid depth players and a good backup quarterback or two.

Quick notes:

- Luke Willson looks like an NFL tight end. He caught four passes for 45 yards, and gained some nice yards after the catch on a couple of his targets. He's a smooth athlete and displayed nice soft hands, so I think of anything I took away from this game, it was that Willson looked pretty intriguing.

- The Seahawks first-team unit took the ball 80 yards on 6 plays over a three minute span to score on their first and only drive. They made it look pretty easy, actually. That was encouraging, or as encouraging as you can get at home in the preseason against the Raiders. Stephen Williams caught a deep bomb from Russell Wilson, Luke Willson caught another pass, and Robert Turbin broke a tackle to get into the endzone on the drive.

- Williams and Michael Bowie both left the game with injuries. Williams' was a concussion, and Bowie a shoulder. Not sure on the severity of either.

- James Carpenter played much of the 2nd quarter and looked beastly. That was exciting, and I'm anxious to see if he'll start in week one or if he'll have to wrangle that away from Paul McQuistan over the coming weeks.

- The run game really just never got their footing in this one. Christine Michael rushed 13 times for 15 yards, Spencer Ware 7 times for 16 yards, and Robert Turbin rushed 5 times for 1 yards yard. Not great, though I'll say the offensive line was probably more to blame than poor running angles or indecision. With Seattle's second and third units (apart from Carpenter, I thought) getting manhandled a bit up front, the usually dependable run game suffered badly.

- Tarvaris Jackson looks like a different player than when he was last here in Seattle. Somehow, he seems to have even more velocity on his throws and he looked, for the most part, very calm and collected running the 2nd team offense. He finished 12/17 for 119 yards on the game. Brady Quinn looked decent as well, finishing 8/15 for 110 yards. Russell Wilson went an efficient 3/3 for 68 yards, including that 50-yard bomb to Williams.

- Bruce Irvin just looks natural at the SAM position. He's light on his feet, crisp in his drops, and can still rush the passer with speed and aplomb. It's early, but he looked really good at his new position in this one, so I'm excited about that.

- A lot of drops by the Hawks in this one. Two by Cooper Helfet, two by Chris Harper (one of which was an easy touchdown) and a couple by Arceto Clark. Spencer Ware added a drop as well. Kind of sloppy.

- The Hawks are going to have some very tough decisions to make in the next day and a half to get their roster down to 53. Bummer.

- Steven Hauschka kicked a bunch of field goals, including multiple 50+ yarders. That's encouraging for a guy that couldn't get on the field if it was more than 49 last year.

- Seattle won the turnover battle 2-0 and controlled the ToP 35:37 - 24:23.

Lots to digest still and I'll watch the game tonight and tomorrow morning a few more times. Until then - what reactions did you have?